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1997 Stories by Frank Smith

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  • Recordings

    published March 27, 1997

    Jill Sobule Happy Town (Lava/Atlantic) Singer-songwriters usually make my skin crawl--tell me one more time how great Jewel... More >>

  • Back to the Future

    published February 27, 1997

    David Bowie Earthling (Virgin) One of several striking, almost iconic images that adorn the self-designed cover of David... More >>

  • Straight Outta Brooklyn

    published February 6, 1997

    Up from the ceaselessly rumbling, garbage-truck-choked avenues of Brooklyn, New York; spawned in the midnight blackness of iron-latticed... More >>

  • Recordings

    published January 9, 1997

    Wilco Being There (Reprise Records) The cynics who would dismiss rock 'n' roll--the formula kind, the guitar-vocals-bass-drum... More >>

  • Dr. Cynic's Revenge

    published January 2, 1997

    1. Warrant, Belly to Belly (CMC/BMG) Duh. 2. Great White, Let It Rock (Imago) Long since abandoned by fans and glory, these bloated,... More >>

Archives: 1997 | 1996