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  • Resistance Isn't Futile

    published December 28, 2006

    Imagine two game producers rushing down the hall. One wants to pitch a WW2 game, the other a sci-fi shooter. They round a corner, crash into each... More >>

  • All Dressed Up . . .

    published December 7, 2006

    I did not have to fend off a horde of bloodthirsty geeks for my PS3. And nobody shot me either, as one hapless Connecticut gamer was.... More >>

  • Hands Off

    published November 16, 2006

    Final Fantasy is to role-playing games as the Yankees are to baseball. The series -- now almost 20 years old -- practically redefined... More >>

  • Latin Bummer

    published October 26, 2006

    Viewed from an airplane high over the islands of San Esperito, the land seems to stretch out endlessly. The sun slowly rises over the ocean,... More >>

  • Copycat Killer

    published October 5, 2006

    Let's not beat around the bush: Saints Row is creatively bankrupt. The latest in a long list of Grand Theft Auto imitators,... More >>

  • Grateful Dead

    published September 7, 2006

    The mall in Dead Rising is pretty much like any other you've visited. There's a bunch of women's clothing stores, a movie theater, and of... More >>

  • Dogs of War

    published August 17, 2006

    Like a real war, Chromehounds involves long stretches of tedium, occasionally broken up by a few moments of sheer terror. After what... More >>

  • Over Your Head

    published July 27, 2006

    Flight sims -- games that emulate the experience of being in a cockpit -- are plenty popular on PCs, but have never taken off on home consoles.... More >>

  • Turning Japanese

    published July 13, 2006

    From Pokmon to Dragon Ball Z, Japanese pop culture has captured the imagination of American kids. The latest import craze is... More >>

  • Pong 360

    published July 6, 2006

    When Rockstar Games, the company behind the infamous Grand Theft Auto series, announced that it would be making a title for Xbox 360,... More >>

  • Brotherly Love

    published June 15, 2006

    Gamers are so used to Mario that the fundamental weirdness of his exploits no longer raises an eyebrow: A dumpy Italian plumber journeys through a... More >>

  • Next Big Things

    published May 25, 2006

    Yet another Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has come and gone, and this one was the biggest yet. Exhibitors know all too well that a... More >>

  • The Brain Game

    published May 18, 2006

    Mom always says that videogames rot your brain. Hell, some say that Grand Theft Auto trains kids to kill. So Nintendo's claim that its... More >>

  • Hero With a Thousand Faces

    published May 4, 2006

    The biggest innovation videogaming saw in the past decade or so was the invention of the "sandbox": Programmers create settings and consequences,... More >>

  • Tainted Black

    published April 6, 2006

    On paper, Black sounds like a sure hit: Criterion Studios (the developer behind the spectacular Burnout games) designs a... More >>

  • A Real Knockout

    published March 16, 2006

    Gamers have a derogatory name for people who prize a game's visuals above all: "graphic whores." But sometimes great graphics can enhance... More >>

  • Law and Disorder

    published February 23, 2006

    Sony's approach with its handheld, the PlayStation Portable, is to carbon-copy its most popular titles for on-the-go gaming. "Enjoy Grand Theft... More >>

  • Tae Kwon Ho

    published February 2, 2006

    Every fighting game needs a hook to stand out: Mortal Kombat has gore, Soul Calibur has weapons, Def Jam has hip-hop... More >>

  • Enter the Dragon

    published January 12, 2006

    There's an oft-repeated urban legend about Dragon Quest's popularity in Japan: So many gamers ditched school and work to play that... More >>

  • Generation Next

    published January 5, 2006

    Microsoft isn't described as an underdog very often. But in the world of video games, Sony's PlayStation is king, and all others fight for scraps.... More >>

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