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  • From Russia With Glove

    published December 21, 2000

    Vassiliy Jirov is on his own. Jirov, the International Boxing Federation cruiserweight champion of the world, is working without a trainer and... More >>

  • War of the Words

    published December 7, 2000

    In mid-October, the big story in the Phoenix Latino community was Ernie Fernandez.Fernandez, 25, had been arrested in 1997 on one count of... More >>

  • Strife With Father

    published November 16, 2000

    The moral behind the Sunday, November 12, Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary church was self-sacrifice.The Reverend Saúl Madrid, pastor at... More >>

  • Race Tracks

    published October 26, 2000

    Jon Entine likes to think of himself as an archetypal white liberal baby boomer.Entine, 48, dropped out of college in 1972 to work for George... More >>

  • Back to Earth

    published October 12, 2000

    Every major recording artist has his "moment." It's that fleeting instant when the planets align in such a way that even an eccentric cult figure... More >>

  • The Tao of Esteban

    published September 21, 2000

    Esteban is stressed out and exhausted. The immensely popular Tempe-based flamenco guitarist usually spends about three months recording an... More >>

  • Mass Confusion

    published September 14, 2000

    For years, Bishop Thomas O'Brien has stood solidly behind the Reverend Saúl Madrid in the face of escalating complaints from parishioners.... More >>

  • Steely Dan

    published August 31, 2000

    The power of Steely Dan always sprang from the clash between the sonority of their musical craftsmanship and the cynical, corrosive spirit that... More >>

  • Dead Air

    published August 24, 2000

    For Frank Baranowski, the trouble started when he was 8 years old.Until then, Baranowski, the 57-year-old host of KTAR's weekend paranormal... More >>

  • Holy War

    published August 17, 2000

    For months, disgruntled parishioners of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church had been trying to get someone from the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix to... More >>

  • Family Affair

    published August 10, 2000

    Three months ago, Zia Record Exchange celebrated its 20th anniversary with a festive blowout at the Tempe club Boston's. There was much cause for... More >>

  • Immaculate Heartbreak

    published July 27, 2000

    The Reverend Saúl Madrid was agitated.Two weeks had passed since a fire charred the interior of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in... More >>

  • Tough All Over

    published June 22, 2000

    A few weeks ago, Willie Nelson was the featured artist on the weekly PBS live-music show, Sessions at West 54th. Over the course of his... More >>

  • Illegal Turn

    published June 8, 2000

    Last February, 500 fired-up Valley Latinos tried to squeeze into a legislative hearing room that typically holds no more than 200. By the time the... More >>

  • Amazing Grace

    published May 25, 2000

    In May 1997, singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley put on his best thrift-store suit and got a friend to drive him to the Memphis Zoo. Buckley, an... More >>

  • From Mohawks To Mullets

    published April 27, 2000

    Click Here for the Photo Gallery In June 1999 as I began my first... More >>

  • Get a Grip!

    published April 13, 2000

    At long last, Ralph Brekan felt like he'd entered the world of professional film production. Granted, it was just a cheesy commercial for an oil... More >>

  • Don't Waste America

    published March 23, 2000

    A few years ago, when Steve Brittle suspected improper activity in the local office of the Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation, he... More >>

  • Power Ploys

    published March 16, 2000

    The hockey fans at Tucson Convention Center are getting what they've come to expect. The University of Arizona Icecats look like they're about to... More >>

  • Mutiny on the Bounty

    published February 17, 2000

    During a recess in the final week of his monthlong murder trial, David Brackney turned to his friends and family members in the gallery and softly... More >>

  • Commodore of Errors

    published January 27, 2000

    Mark Hites felt like he didn't have a moment to spare last summer. Hites, a 35-year-old double-duty employee of the adult nightclub Dream... More >>

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