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  • Found at Sea

    published December 28, 2000

    During the summer of 1994, while most of the world was greeting Robert Zemeckis' Forrest Gump with dewy eyes and outstretched arms, this... More >>

  • A Sad de Sade

    published December 28, 2000

    In assessing the merits of Quills, the lusty new feature by director Philip Kaufman (Henry & June), it's tempting to seek... More >>

  • Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

    published December 21, 2000

    Here you will find the ingredients required to spin an audience into throes of fuzzy warmheartedness -- the hope, the compassion, the joie de... More >>

  • Loathsome Lothario

    published November 23, 2000

    If the concept of dubious celebrity Ben Affleck romping in a water park with cinematic darling Gwyneth Paltrow and two adorable moppets does not... More >>

  • A Clone Is Born

    published November 16, 2000

    Refreshingly, the biggest wonder about the new Arnold Schwarzenegger ride is not that human cloning has become a reality, or that the America of... More >>

  • A Fairway Runs Through It

    published November 2, 2000

    The Legend of Bagger Vance More >>

  • Walken Tall

    published November 2, 2000

    The Opportunists More >>

  • Milk of Human Blindness

    published October 19, 2000

    To put it mildly, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing to have one's cynical ass whipped by a huge, hulking Hallmark card, and this is exactly the... More >>

  • Dumb and Blind

    published October 5, 2000

    With global overpopulation neatly intertwining with the advent of the home video camera, we have been afforded, as a species, several... More >>

  • Boxing Diana

    published September 28, 2000

    It takes a special kind of mindset to celebrate castration, and audiences confusing feminine empowerment with the crude hacking off of seemingly... More >>

  • Genial Hospital

    published September 7, 2000

    Humans and their stories, my oh my. Somehow, the familiar themes just keep coming around, again and again, ad infinitum. Of course, most of them... More >>

  • Puttin' On the Ditz

    published September 7, 2000

    Murphy and Pryor. Skywalker and Kenobi. Amos and Zeppelin. Regardless of the creative universe, the maverick apprentice tends to stride off into... More >>

  • McQueen for a Day

    published August 31, 2000

    "Be cool, get chicks." While that's paraphrased and boiled down, it's nonetheless the essential creed of Dex (Donal Logue), the corpulent... More >>

  • Knives and Lovers

    published August 31, 2000

    According to Patrice Leconte, women live to be vulnerable, men thrive when they are in command, and the two genders can only find happy fusion... More >>

  • London Fog

    published August 17, 2000

    Despite a subtly scintillating cast of characters played with pitch-perfect verve, London -- in this case, working-class, unpretentious South... More >>

  • Rods and Coens

    published August 3, 2000

    So who are these celebrated Coen brothers anyway, and what's their point? These days, it's pretty easy to switch over to critical autopilot, to... More >>

  • Fakin' Bacon

    published August 3, 2000

    There are many, many productive paths a bright, ambitious young fellow can pursue in America. He can, for instance, start a mediocre rock band and... More >>

  • I See Dull People!

    published July 20, 2000

    Rather than asking if this senseless and expensive new film from wunderkind entertainer Robert Zemeckis is devoid of merit (it is), or "worth... More >>

  • Number One With a Pullet

    published June 22, 2000

    About nine years ago, in a humble Redondo Beach nightclub, urbane British folk singer Billy Bragg reappraised 20th-century politics -- as is often... More >>

  • Love Sick

    published June 22, 2000

    To begin, let us discuss puking. You know, upchucking, barfing, yacking, Technicolor yawning, blowing cookies, driving the porcelain bus,... More >>

  • Femme and Vigor

    published June 15, 2000

    So, when was the last time you shared a woman with your dad? No, not your mom -- don't be gross. You know, just some woman that you and... More >>

  • Demi's Monde

    published May 25, 2000

    "Industrial-strength boredom" is a vicious term to unload on anybody -- friend, foe or former actress. Considering the lingering discomfort it... More >>

  • Et tu, Ridley?

    published May 4, 2000

    There is a killing late in Gladiator, Ridley Scott's new heroic epic, and it is one of those wonderfully cathartic extinguishings that make... More >>

  • Life Swapping

    published April 27, 2000

    Although its themes are about as revelatory as those of the average Cathy comic strip (clothes don't fit, job too busy, male not... More >>

  • Vinyl Jeopardy

    published April 6, 2000

    It's hard to escape the potent magic of pop music. Some consumers never do, hovering forever in thrall to three-minute sermons of neurotic idiocy... More >>

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