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  • 27 years ago | News

    "Think Indian" and "I'm Indian and Proud of It" shout the bumper stickers on the back of a shocking-pink Ford station wagon. A large animal-hide drum protrudes from the back of the car. As we suspect, two Native Americans sporting long braids occu...

  • 27 years ago | Visual Arts

    Visiting the current exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum is like taking a nostalgic stroll through a supermarket. On display are everything from Ritz cracker boxes and Wrigley gum packets to magazines and newspapers, tourist guides and WPA poster...

  • 27 years ago | Visual Arts

    Image and exposure are the preoccupations of far too many contemporary artists, and fame and wealth their central goals. From the day they leave art school, young artists can network and dress-for-success as well as any hotshot stockbroker on Wall...

  • 27 years ago | Visual Arts

    "What a trip," mumbles a student leaving the upper gallery at Arizona State University's Nelson Fine Arts Center, and for once, the phrase is entirely appropriate. He has just finished looking at a display of work inspired by Lewis Carroll's ninet...

  • 27 years ago | Visual Arts

    Heather Lineberry will be taking over the job of art critic at New Times. She has a master's degree in twentieth-century art from the University of Texas at Austin, and for the past two years has been involved with a major contemporary gallery in ...

  • 28 years ago | Visual Arts

    William Wegman is wearing the standard uniform for a male artist of the Sixties generation--jeans, tee shirt and tennis shoes--and by his side is the standard accessory for the successful artist from that time--a pretty young brunette. At 46, Wegm...

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