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  • 27 years ago | Longform

    Motorola office worker Betty Piott figured that, at age 54, she had her life pretty well settled. She had a steady income. She had a house on South 16th Street near Broadway Road that was hers, free and clear. She lived there with her husband, Vir...

  • 28 years ago | News

    The way Governor Rose Mofford sees it, Arizona credit-card customers are going to get screwed anyway. So she and state lawmakers might just as well help the process along in the name of economic development. Mofford supports legislation drafted by...

  • 28 years ago | News

    PROP 2 VS. BULLDOZERS When it comes to preserving what little heritage Phoenix has, good will is fine. But it takes cold, hard cash to make a difference. And cash is what Proposition 2 is all about. Most of the $15 million in new taxes that would ...

  • 28 years ago | News

    Rose Mofford wants a capitol press corps that will sit up, roll over and play dead. And those who refuse to play good little lap dogs? She has unilaterally decided that she won't consider them reporters. Right now she's got two on her version of t...

  • 28 years ago | Longform

    City Councilmember Paul Johnson got his election-year dream. Now he's hoping it doesn't rain. Earlier this year--with the upcoming October 3 city election looming--Johnson began pressuring the city staff to immediately tear up and repave Dunlap Av...

  • 28 years ago | News

    Fife Symington wants taxpayers to bail out Keith Turley and MeraBank. This bit of fiscal largesse with federal funds comes as the leading GOP contender for governor is trying hard to position himself as the champion of the little guy. In a speech ...


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