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1999 Stories by James Hibberd

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  • Tales Out of School

    published December 30, 1999

    Lambert Ormsby is graduating with the Mesa High School class of 2000. He'll be only one of about 800 students donning the cap and gown next... More >>

  • Monet Via Modem

    published October 28, 1999

    Viewing Monet paintings on the Internet is sort of like watching Lawrence of Arabia on the TV at a Tempe sports bar. The medium is... More >>

  • Circus Maximus

    published September 30, 1999

    They have at least two things in common. First, Paradise Valley cartoonist Bil Keane, 76, and Chicago Web developer Greg Galcik, 29, attended... More >>

  • Netward Ho

    published September 9, 1999

    Her business card reads "Cole Taylor," a name chosen for its sexual ambiguity. Underneath, it... More >>

  • Cash 'n' Dash

    published September 9, 1999

    There are three types of escorts: those who are prostitutes; those who "walk the line" (accompany clients to functions or perform strip teases);... More >>

  • Hello, Mr. Chips

    published July 22, 1999

    The other high rollers call him Sam. He's the bearish, wealthy owner of two clothing stores, and a regular here at the Bicycle Club card room in... More >>


    published June 10, 1999

    They arrived from the Netherlands in a small cardboard box. Two bottles and a one-page disclaimer, cushioned by Styrofoam peanuts sticky from... More >>

  • Grist for the Millennium

    published June 3, 1999

    After two days of lectures, product pitches and apocalyptic rhetoric, it is time for a panel of self-proclaimed Y2K experts to take questions from... More >>

  • Saving Grace

    published June 3, 1999

    Using heat and pressure, more heat and pressure than one can imagine, a 3,150-ton factory press turns solid cylinders of pure aluminum into long,... More >>

  • Lemon Harangue

    published May 20, 1999

    It was a shiny, black 1992 Corvette ZR-1. Only 20,000 miles on the clock, a glass top, leather interior, fully loaded. A rare find for a 'Vette... More >>

  • Phone Alone

    published April 15, 1999

    "There is a phone booth," goes a story born on the Internet, "in the middle of the desert." It's all alone out in the Mojave, a forgotten... More >>

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