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  • 8 days ago | Local Wire

    Sitting down with Christian Dion Dean, a.k.a. Vee Tha Rula, it's clear he's always had a vision. His foresight is how he got his name in the first place. "In the neighborhood, anything that would happen, my homeboys would always come to me and ask...

  • 15 days ago | Local Wire

    The new year means new beginnings, fresh ideas, and more chances to give birth to new projects. In such a populous area, we are privy to a tremendous amount of ambition and diversity when it comes to the local music scene. The area's creative clas...

  • 1 month ago | Hip-Hop

    f One could argue that 2015 was one of the greatest years in Arizona hip-hop history. With a wide range of talent across the state, the beautiful culture simmering underground for years now bubbled up to the surface. The artists of this community ...

  • 1 month ago | Hip-Hop

    The story of Jodi Arias involves deviant sex, hyper-violent murder, and domestic violence. Arias was convicted in 2013 of killing her ex-boyfriend and lover Travis Alexander in 2007. On the night of his death, Arias stabbed Alexander almost 30 tim...

  • 6 months ago | Hip-Hop

    Independent artists have it hard. They are not only competing with the pristine sounds of pop radio, they also have to handle burden of supporting a career. It can be a daunting task, especially in the crowded world of hip-hop. Some believe that t...

  • 8 months ago | Hip-Hop

    High-profile murderers often attract a fringe element that is, in the face of all evidence, convinced of the accused's innocence. Jodi Arias is no exception. Except, one of her fans is a rapper. Thirty-four-year-old Kareem Williams, a.k.a. Lefty, ...


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