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  • 15 years ago | Music News

    That which is too silly to be said is instead sung, claimed Voltaire, which may explain why Christopher Carrabba, the compact Floridian who leads Dashboard Confessional, is well on the way to achieving godlike status. A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    Dot Allison is best known as the ex-singer of Scottish trio One Dove, which quickly came and went back in 1993. One Dove's detached coolness and dub explorations (courtesy of Primal Scream producer Andrew Weatherall) generated enough earth tones t...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    Love Jewel. Hate Jewel. Fear her manipulative mom. Laugh at her poetry. Give her props for not fixing that snaggletooth. Marvel at her staying power. Almost seven years ago, I interviewed the fresh-from-Alaska Jewel Kilcher — before she'd sol...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    During its nine-year run, Medeski, Martin and Wood has become all things to all people. The trio continues to satisfy the jazzbo crowd who count on the band's Blue Note releases to bear the future-fusion torch. But somewhere along the way, the dre...

  • 17 years ago | Music News

    Thickest cranium in rock? Probably Martin Atkins, former drummer for Public Image Ltd., now de facto head of the industrial-rock conglomerate Pigface. Who else would devote insane amounts of time, money and energy to industrial music -- a subgenre...


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