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  • 23 years ago | Visual Arts

    Touring the artworks at the three terminals at Sky Harbor International Airport provides a lesson in Phoenix's progressive sophistication in relation to public art. The big bird mosaic at Terminal Two looks as dated as a Depression-era mural. The ...

  • 27 years ago | Visual Arts

    Phoenix gave performance artist Frank Moore and his Chero Company a pleasant surprise on October 5 by showing up in record numbers for his controversial "Passions Play" at Gallery X. Eighty people doesn't sound like a lot, but Moore is a self-desc...

  • 28 years ago | Visual Arts

    Jon Planas was a fixture on New York City's club circuit in the late Eighties, a party boy with a flair for fashion and flash. He became known for the painted jackets that draped the famous forms of Madonna, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, and Deborah Harry, ...

  • 28 years ago | Visual Arts

    Mary Stokrocki's contribution to the ASU Faculty Art Show at the Nelson Fine Arts Center neatly summarizes the hollow feeling one is left with after viewing the exhibition. Titled "THE UnBAREable lightness of being," the piece is a vertical rectan...

  • 28 years ago | Visual Arts

    Everything in the picture was plastic, except Our Lady of Guadalupe and the dirt floor. Plastic flowers, plastic fruit, plastic saints, plastic covering the statue of Jesus, and behind it all, a pale blue plastic backdrop that looked like a used s...

  • 28 years ago | Visual Arts

    It's 6 p.m Friday, October 19. You've paid your $125 admission fee to the 25th Annual Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition and Sale. A sea of Stetsons crowds the exhibition area. Beside each painting and sculpture stands a man and a little box wit...


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