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  • Single-minded

    published December 27, 1989

    Songs to learn and sing. The Eighties' Top 10 singles: 1. PUBLIC ENEMY "Fight the Power" (Motown, 1989). PE drove home the... More >>

  • Days Break

    published December 20, 1989

    It's never pretty when a band makes that monumental plunge from cult favorite to big-money, arena-playing, leather-clad rock group.... More >>

  • Sub Deb

    published October 25, 1989

    It wasn't the voice of, well, rapture that you'd expect. From Deborah Harry's tired, borderline cranky tone during the first few minutes of a... More >>

  • Roland's Role Landing

    published September 27, 1989

    There's a scene in the movie Tin Men where Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito are hanging out in a smoky, airport-type cocktail lounge... More >>

  • Perestroika Pop

    published August 30, 1989

    If it's true that Mikhail Gorbachev's liberal policies have made a burgeoning Soviet rock scene possible, why is it that we've heard so little of... More >>

  • Spaced Men

    published July 12, 1989

    The year 1979 was a watershed for gloom bands, what with the release of Joy Division's memorably dark and unsettling debut and the Cure's less... More >>

  • Bad Day at Black Rock

    published July 5, 1989

    Industry wags have dubbed them "this season's Living Colour" and "The Next Big Black Thing," but 24-7 Spyz would rather you think of them as just... More >>

  • Gordon Gano's Gospel Hour

    published June 14, 1989

    Gordon Gano, decked out in baggy plaid Bermudas and a white baseball cap, sits sipping a soda on a picnic bench outside Mesa... More >>

  • Woman to Woman

    published April 19, 1989

    he problem with today's music, as Throwing Muses' lead singer-songwriter Kristin Hersh sees it, is simple: too much warp-speed guitar... More >>

  • Dublin on the Hudson

    published April 5, 1989

    All the gushing articles on Irish bands we've been seeing in the music rags lately have been enough to make Irish-born singer Pierce... More >>

  • Failing the Acid Test

    published March 8, 1989

    In Britain it's shaken up music, fashion and virtually the whole of U.K. youth culture. In Italy, its synthesis of classic funk samples... More >>

  • Hams on Wrythe

    published February 8, 1989

    Shortly before their last Valley gig a year and a half ago, the Dead Milkmen did an interview on onetime progressive radio station KEYX... More >>

Archives: 1995 | 1992 | 1991 | 1990 | 1989