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  • 22 years ago | News

    Something felt awful and familiar as I strolled toward the set of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's latest made-for-TV movie (Charred Riots of Fire, MCSO Studios, 1996) when it began shooting at the Durango Jail a couple of weeks ago. The unsavory sense of dej...

  • 22 years ago | News

    It might have made lively theatre of the absurd, if it hadn't been so boring and stupid and real. First, the lady with the semi-bouffant hairdo--imagine a cross between Mary Poppins and the Church Lady--thanked the 14 people at the conference tabl...

  • 22 years ago | News

    Over the past two years, New Times has published a lengthy series of news stories on what appeared to be ethical and legal lapses by Governor J. Fife Symington III. Some of these articles have been honored in major journalism competitions. Others ...

  • 22 years ago | News

    In chess, one player may be able to position his pieces to win in a set number of moves, regardless of the countermoves made by his opponent. Once this position is reached, skill and experience are meaningless. There is simply no way the opponent ...

  • 23 years ago | News

    Darlene and Jerry Span have suffered so, I am reluctant to write optimistically about them. I fear that if I mention the one uncontestably good thing that has happened to the Spans in the past few years, I will anger the gods of legal minutia, who...

  • 23 years ago | Longform

    When congressional Republicans explain their ambitious plan for reforming the federal government--the Contract With America--they often use state governments as examples of the change to come. In fact, the notion that many federal programs would b...


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