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  • Abroad Jump

    published November 15, 1989

    For all its cross-cultural posturing, world-beat is still very much an American concept. The Bonedaddys, the current leading exponent of... More >>

  • Squier Straits

    published November 1, 1989

    No one would accuse Billy Squier of being a ground-breaking artist, or even one who swam against the tide of radio excessiveness. But... More >>

  • Timbuk-ing The System

    published October 4, 1989

    Timbuk 3's lead singer Pat MacDonald is unfazed that his band might have one of the most misunderstood hit singles of the decade. Although... More >>

  • A Band Thorned

    published September 20, 1989

    When Tucson's River Roses put out their EP Phoenix 99 in 1987, it seemed to be imminent that the group would make an impact in locales far beyond... More >>

  • Majesty Mystery Tour

    published September 13, 1989

    Seeing as how heavy-metal in the Eighties has featured one Zeppelin-Aerosmith Xerox after another, it seems only a matter of time before hard rock... More >>

Archives: 1989