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  • Tough Crowd

    published December 26, 2013

    Nowadays, we kind of accept that rap stars might pop up on the silver screen. For better or for worse, Drake and Nicki Minaj are fair game for... More >>

  • Mammoth Undertaking

    published December 26, 2013

    The lull between Christmas and the New Year is a precarious time where mopeyness can creep in. Don’t let your guard down. Instead, put... More >>

  • Sex Sells

    published December 26, 2013

    It’s a shame that Apple ditched its big cat-naming scheme for its operating system before the company could unveil OS X Sex Panther.... More >>

  • A Humbug's Life

    published December 19, 2013

    Give it up to the 170 years of the greatest holiday grump we’ve known. Ebenezer Scrooge gets down in the west Valley with his miserly... More >>

  • Knit Pickers

    published December 12, 2013

    When choosing a Christmas-themed sweater, it’s pretty easy to decide on the right one: Make sure that it looks like a holiday parade... More >>

  • Wookiee Here

    published December 12, 2013

    For filmmaker George Lucas, there’s one embarrassment bigger than box office turkey Howard the Duck and prequel abomination Jar Jar... More >>

  • Ab Fabrication

    published December 5, 2013

    Recall your favorite memories and it’s likely your fondness for them has grown over the years. Artist Amy Masters explores the idealizing... More >>

  • Rad Santas

    published December 5, 2013

    Horrifying thought: Today’s kids might be more familiar with Kris Kardashian than Kris Kringle. Luckily, the AZ Cacophony Society is... More >>

  • Skaters Gonna Skate

    published November 28, 2013

    The tradeoff for being able to dress like it’s spring break year-round as the rest of the country shivers and sniffles is that we... More >>

  • Myth Congeniality

    published November 21, 2013

    You have to love any show that has to run a disclaimer for viewers to not try at home what they’re about to do. The next best thing to... More >>

  • Gov Love

    published November 21, 2013

    The 1987 action flick Predator has a lot going for it, but it’s definitely the best of the trio of films (including 1987's The Running... More >>

  • Doctor, Doctor

    published November 21, 2013

    Cincinnati Bengals fans say “Who Dey” and New Orleans Saints fans opt for “Who Dat.” We’ll roll with “Who... More >>

  • Champion Sound

    published November 14, 2013

    Judah Friedlander is the self-proclaimed World Champion and, to be fair to him, he has the T-shirt and trucker cap to prove it. The acclaimed... More >>

  • Doomsday Night Live

    published November 14, 2013

    You might feel fine about the end of the world, but what if you’re one of the unlucky schlubs who survive? Your entertainment options go... More >>

  • Real Talk

    published November 7, 2013

    It’s been well established that Doug Stanhope doesn’t shy away from any topic. The boundaryless comic’s wry stances on sex,... More >>

  • Tapped Roots

    published October 31, 2013

    Sometimes, words don’t suffice for creative and personal expression. Dustin Loehr’s been on a journey melding spoken word with tap... More >>

  • Bot Love

    published October 31, 2013

    While the rise of the robots has yet to happen, it doesn’t mean that we can’t prime our hearts to belong to a number of mechanized... More >>

  • Argentine Titans

    published October 24, 2013

    "Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship," an exhibition currently at the Phoenix Art Museum, makes clear how mutually... More >>

  • Offensive Line Man

    published October 17, 2013

    It’s hard to find anyone tackling taboo topics as smartly & sickeningly funny as Anthony Jeselnik. The stand-up comic and host of Comedy... More >>

  • My Name is GRRL

    published October 10, 2013

    The worst: people declaring beliefs that perfectly aligns with feminist principles and then jettison responsibility with the tag line, "... but... More >>

  • Hanniballin'

    published October 10, 2013

    Hannibal Buress is a one-man-army of comedy; he's hitting you from nearly every possible angle. Less than a month after visiting with Oddball... More >>

  • Neon Icons

    published October 3, 2013

    Glen Guyett's name might not ring a bell, but you’ll recognize his work if you've spent any time cruising through the Valley. As the... More >>

  • Dreamy Draw

    published October 3, 2013

    Growing up, everyone enjoyed putting pencil or pen to paper to turn doodles into masterworks aimed for gallery walls or, at least, the... More >>

  • Hit or Mistress

    published September 26, 2013

    Modern horror movies, between gratuitous gore and vanishing boundaries, don’t have room for the campiness that made B-movies fun.... More >>

  • Instrumental Change

    published September 19, 2013

    You might be in the groove of separating out your aluminum cans, but Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra goes next level with instruments made... More >>

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