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  • 5 days ago | Top Lists

    There’s no way to deny it at this point, pop-punk is back. Love it or hate it, those high school jams from the first half of the ‘00s have circled back around as part of the current “emo revival.” Get ready to jump, scream, and sing your teenage h...

  • 5 days ago | Seasonal

    For most of the country, outdoor festival season is ending. Here in Phoenix, the fun picks up as the temperatures drop. As always, there'll be plenty of food festivals around the Valley this fall. Here are 16 of our favorites. SEPTEMBER Phoenix Co...

  • 9 days ago | Guilty Pleasures

    The Guilty Pleasure: Brownie Batter Oreos Where to Get It: Grocery stores Price: $3.99 What it Really Costs: The eternal sadness that once these are gone, you may never see them again Not too long ago, we raved about how the S’mores Oreos changed ...

  • 9 days ago | Fun

    If you live anywhere for long enough, you realize a fact of life: every place can be broken down into a handful of archetypes of people. Those archetypes tend to date people similar to them, which leads to only so many  different “types” of c...

  • 11 days ago | Comedy

    Tom Green has been a “silly” guy for over 20 years now. He’s hosted TV shows, starred in movies, written a book, and a wide variety of other comedic things. Regardless of the medium, Green has always preferred to do his own thing rather than what ...

  • 12 days ago | Top Lists

    Although there's plenty of room in the rap universe for love and happiness, angry gangster rap has been a prominent style of hip-hop for well over two decades. Sometimes, it comes off as cheesy and contrived. In other instances,  it can be bo...


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