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  • Ma Bell

    published July 21, 2005

    THU 7/21Bob Log III once described his music as "poo-party, tit-clapping, techno blues." But the 35-year-old bluesbilly, who sings... More >>

  • Fatigo

    published July 14, 2005

    "This one's for the ladies," Mike Montoya murmurs, before the opening strains of Menso's title track. Whether you are a lady or just want... More >>

  • Living Hell

    published July 14, 2005

    SAT 7/16Dante got it wrong: There are actually 10 circles of hell, and local filmmaker Nicholas Holthaus has been there and back making... More >>

  • Sense of Rumor

    published July 7, 2005

    SAT 7/9Word on the street is that Phil Buckman, front man (okay, only man) of I Hate You When You're Pregnant, is going to hang up the... More >>

  • Reigning Cats and Dawgs

    published June 30, 2005

    SUN 7/3The local hip-hop underground goes above ground, as the true record playas of the Valley will turn on their turntablism... More >>

  • Bible Beats

    published June 23, 2005

    6/23-6/26The Bible rocks, dude. (Surely all that thumping has got to create a wicked beat . . .) And if you're watching a performance... More >>

  • Burning Art

    published June 16, 2005

    WED 6/22Carpetbag Brigade finds fire fascinating, and not in a Beavis-and-Butt-head, preteen-pyro kind of way. The members of the... More >>

  • Dope Flows

    published June 9, 2005

    THU 6/9Now that the old school's all grown up, and seminal rap group Sugar Hill Gang is doing festival tours with unlikely matches like... More >>

  • Amor Latin Feel

    published June 9, 2005

    SAT 6/11Can you imagine a more popular four-hour television show than Univision's Sábado Gigante? Now, picture a live... More >>

  • Raging Machine

    published June 2, 2005

    FRI 6/3Dear Cubicle Drone,We are pleased with your interest in The Raethier Corp and our latest event, Corposition, at 6... More >>

  • One to Grow On

    published May 26, 2005

    "Basically, I'm a very shy person," says performance artist Trish JusTrish (pictured). "Now the joke is that because I'm terrible at one-on-one... More >>

  • Public Display

    published May 12, 2005

    5/13-5/28As much as guys try to get two girls to make out in front of them, there are still men in the world who'll throw punches... More >>

  • Night Moves

    published May 5, 2005

    SAT 5/7 To some, a "nighttime art run" consists of a mobile graffiti spree with the intent of tagging the maximum number of block walls... More >>

  • Deth Becomes Them

    published April 28, 2005

    FRI 4/29 Loud-ass guitars dealing out sadistic riffs, flailing hair, sweaty bodies and hands raised and locked in the two-finger devil... More >>

  • Cover Story

    published April 21, 2005

    SAT 4/23 The last thing you'd expect from Bisbee indie-folk darlings Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl is a cover album. "It seems kind of... More >>

  • Gag Reflex

    published April 14, 2005

    4/14-4/17 It's been a year since you were laughing your ass off at the quick-witted humor being bandied about at the last Phoenix... More >>

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