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  • 19 years ago | Cafe Reviews

    I'm going to say something that goes against my own conscience and the warnings of the U.S. surgeon general. You single women out there: If you want to be a player in the Valley mating dance, you'd better be holding something like a Macanudo Petit...

  • 19 years ago | Cafe Reviews

    The man in the black fisherman's cap reminds you at once of Timothy Leary in his later years -- minus the drugs. Mind-altering substances, to be sure, do not define the life of Hans Traulsen. Rather, he marks his own 86-year-long "trip" with much ...

  • 19 years ago | News

    Firefighters and medics in the rural east Valley community of Apache Junction want to get their patients to the hospital in a hurry. So when the local ambulance company is slow to respond, the firefighters transport the patients themselves. But no...


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