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  • Route: The Story of a Lawyer's Rise

    published December 20, 1989

    Five years ago Maricopa County residents momentarily set aside their hatred of taxes to finance a spectacular network of freeways.... More >>

  • SRP's Heavy-Metal Thrashing

    published December 6, 1989

    The Salt River Project, besieged by state and federal regulators over pollution problems at its Navajo Generating Station near Page, is facing yet... More >>

  • A Stable Home For Joy?

    published November 15, 1989

    Where is Joy Johnson? The little "Wednesday's Child," whose thwarted adoption was profiled in last week's New Times, has been moved... More >>

  • Pollution? What Pollution?

    published November 15, 1989

    Think "Arizona Public Service" and what comes to mind? Bloated electricity rates, incompetent management, gross callousness toward public concerns... More >>

  • Wednesday's Child Is Full Of Woe

    published November 8, 1989

    Wednesday's Child feature Pauline Johnson was transfixed by the beautiful three-year-old on the television screen. The child had a... More >>

  • Help Our Schools!

    published September 27, 1989

    Bad schools are a sure way to drive families out of the city. And every available statistic says the city's social problems--economic instability,... More >>

  • As Bette Davis Said...

    published September 27, 1989

    "What a dump!" How many times has the phrase crossed your mind as you passed vacant lots, a ratty back yard, derelict strips of commercial... More >>

  • Fill In The Blanks

    published September 27, 1989

    Nine Easy Steps to Filling in the Empty Spots Where Our City Is Supposed to Be. With nearly half the land within the city still vacant--much of it... More >>

  • Finally, a Crackdown on Polluters

    published September 20, 1989

    Phoenix, while frantically trying to lure a giant semiconductor plant to Arizona, has levied a quarter of a million dollars in fines against ten... More >>

  • Art Zone or Dead Zone

    published September 13, 1989

    Got no place to show off your crucifixes-in-a-jar-of-urine and your photos of nekkid perverts? Bring 'em to Phoenix; we're into weird... More >>

  • The Environmental Chicken Coop... Has a Foxy New Commissioner

    published September 6, 1989

    The newest member of the Phoenix Environmental Quality Commission, cited by a backer for his "expertise" on environmental matters, is an attorney... More >>

  • Babies Are Their Business

    published August 30, 1989

    Pat's baby was, like the child of Hester Prynne, a pearl of great price. Pat chose to bring life out of an unwanted pregnancy, and for... More >>

  • How Much Is That Baby in the Window?

    published August 30, 1989

    Opponents of the for-profit adoption industry invariably single out Southwest Adoption Center, Inc., the largest for-profit agency in... More >>

  • When Push Comes To Pools

    published July 12, 1989

    Phoenix is in the clutches of the worst epidemic of backyard drownings since recordkeeping began, but even that's not enough, apparently, to... More >>

  • Planning? What Planning?

    published July 5, 1989

    Looks as though the honeymoon is over between Phoenix politicians and the citizens who helped them win last year's hugely successful... More >>

  • Another Shove From The Right

    published June 28, 1989

    The battle over fundamentalism in Valley schools has claimed another casualty with the forced resignation of a Phoenix principal who spoke... More >>

  • Road To Howhere

    published June 14, 1989

    Sun Valley could well be the most flamboyant development scheme ever hatched in a Phoenix high-rise, a 48,000-acre fantasy of limitless... More >>

  • New Zoning Rules Irk Developers

    published June 14, 1989

    Phoenix's effort to revamp its thirty-year-old zoning code, an undertaking aimed at weaving the city's haphazard growth into the... More >>

  • Business Was Booming

    published June 7, 1989

    The munitions-plant explosion west of Buckeye last week that decapitated one man and injured two others came as no surprise to Sandy... More >>

  • Christian Crusade

    published May 24, 1989

    Angel was preparing to join the dozen or so children who commit suicide each year in Arizona when someone heard her cry for help. At a... More >>

  • Armies of the Right

    published April 19, 1989

    The scorched-earth campaign against sex education in Arizona, energized by recent victories, now is cutting a swath through Governor Rose... More >>

  • Politics of Frustration

    published April 5, 1989

    Are you mad as hell at City Hall? Are you sick of its taxpayer-funded megalomania? Are you pissed about potholes, craven politicians and taxes? ... More >>

  • Oh, Phoenix (Choke), What Clean Air (Cough) You Have!

    published March 22, 1989

    ValTrans opponents say we don't need the mass transit system because--and here's where everyone starts laughing--the air quality in Phoenix is... More >>

  • Amphitheatre Review

    published March 22, 1989

    Zev Bufman's amphitheatre may be yesterday's news, but fallout from the nuking it suffered in north Phoenix is still raining on Councilman Bill... More >>

  • Making Developers Toe the Line--Kind Of

    published March 15, 1989

    Nobody likes to admit it, but the much-ballyhooed zoning agreements intended to forestall battles between neighborhoods and developers... More >>

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