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  • For Your Health

    published August 21, 2014

    While most of us can claim a physical funny bone, a good sense of humor is hard to find. Think of it as a sixth sense, right up there with... More >>

  • Cotter Pop

    published August 21, 2014

    Cracking jokes is hard enough. But serving up stand-up on the fly? That skill is reserved for a special tier of comics, including up and coming... More >>

  • Laugh out Left

    published August 14, 2014

    If you want want some more insight on what dead people do, go talk to a medium. But if you want to know what alive people do, go check out... More >>

  • Rocky Around the Clock

    published August 7, 2014

    For ages, man has tried to either fast-forward to the future or blast to the past. As it turns out, doing the time warp isn’t that hard... More >>

  • FALA-La-La-La

    published July 31, 2014

    What’s the only thing more satisfying than a good party? How about a party for a good cause? This summer, the Fundación para las... More >>

  • Canine Network

    published July 31, 2014

    Rather than leave your canine confined to the couch all summer long, give him some fresh air some new furry faces at Glendale's Fifth Annual... More >>

  • Sputnik at Night

    published July 31, 2014

    What do Russian astronauts and knock-knock jokes have in common? Not much. But that’s just the sort of slapstick logic you’d expect... More >>

  • Shots in the Dark

    published July 24, 2014

    Double trouble meets the double feature with Actors Theatre Phoenix’s Two Shots. This two-for-one theater event will offer a single... More >>

  • Russell Sprouts

    published July 17, 2014

    Someone’s going to get a hurt. Or, most likely, some big laughs. That’s because globe-trotting comedian Russell Peters has put... More >>

  • Designer Deeds

    published July 17, 2014

    At PechaKucha Night Phoenix, design-driven minds of the public and the American Institute of Graphic Arts can meet, greet, and take note from... More >>

  • Bloody Marry

    published July 17, 2014

    All eyes are on the bride and groom as they make their third and final walk down the aisle. Orange Theatre’s year-long development of... More >>

  • Being John Doe

    published July 10, 2014

    Everyone knows it’s different strokes for different folks. But what if your view of the world isn’t so much about where you come... More >>

  • Afternoon Delight

    published July 10, 2014

    Want to turn your noontime meal into something more naughty? Petit dejeuner gets a whole lot more provocative when it’s accompanied by a... More >>

  • Appraising Arizona

    published July 10, 2014

    The East Valley is upping the aesthetic ante as Arizona’s up-and-coming residential artists gather in Gilbert for the annual juried... More >>

  • Fraternal Attraction

    published July 10, 2014

    Whether you enjoy Jane Austen classics or old reruns of Gossip Girl, chances are you enjoy a romantic scandal as much as the next drama queen.... More >>

  • Red, White, and Booze

    published July 3, 2014

    Time for some star-spangled cocktails and some tan line stripes. While the Hotel Palomar is celebrating a whopping 100 days of summer,... More >>

  • Keeping Up with the Kahlos

    published July 3, 2014

    Fill in that unibrow, throw some flowers in your hair, and take an elaborate selfie. The Phoenix Public Library is celebrating one of the most... More >>

  • The Craft

    published June 26, 2014

    Something is definitely brewing in Scottsdale. Make that many things. Scottsdale Beer Palooza is a one-day celebration of all things ale. With... More >>

  • Flower Child

    published June 26, 2014

    Time to stop and smell the lavender. The 11th Annual Lavender Festival is blooming once again at Red Rock Farms, and this year they have a full... More >>

  • Book Worms

    published June 26, 2014

    Futuristic thriller, historical fiction, raunchy romance novel... Artist Marilyn da Silva has a different summer read in mind. This sculpture... More >>

  • Freedom Party

    published June 19, 2014

    Everyone knows that Independence Day falls on the Fourth of July. But there’s a different kind of freedom that’s celebrated on June... More >>

  • A Rios Runs Through It

    published June 19, 2014

    “Yes, but beyond happiness what is there? The question has not yet been answered.” But perhaps it will be explored as... More >>

  • Bisbee's The New Black

    published June 12, 2014

    Get out of town. It’s time for Bisbee’s annual Pride Weekend, a nonstop package of parties, performances, and LGBT community... More >>

  • Crescent Pose

    published June 12, 2014

    Namaste, night owls. Looking to take your yoga practice to the moon and back? Look no further than Sutra Midtown’s Lunar Flow. This... More >>

  • Moonstruck

    published June 12, 2014

    Chances are, if you’re an amateur photographer, then you’re nighttime work is lacking some serious flash. But the good news is,... More >>

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