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  • Recordings

    published December 19, 1996

    Luscious Jackson Fever In, Fever Out (Grand Royal/Capitol) On their first two releases, the 1992 EP In Search of Manny and the... More >>

  • Recordings

    published November 28, 1996

    Snoop Doggy Dogg Tha Doggfather (Death Row) Snoop Doggy Dogg raps the way Clint Eastwood acts--dryly but deeply. Snoop's a bit... More >>

  • To Wring You Her Love

    published October 3, 1996

    John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey Dance Hall at Louse Point (Island) Wherever Louse Point is, it's nowhere near the sheep farms... More >>

Archives: 1997 | 1996