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  • 15 years ago | Music News

    Wildwood Flower's liner notes are reason enough to recommend the final recording by June Carter Cash, who died from complications of heart surgery in April. Penned by stepdaughter and songwriter Rosanne Cash, they eulogize Carter Cash as a unique ...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    On stage, Cephalic Carnage's Zac spends most of his time swinging his head and guitar, sweating, screaming and abusing listeners with the brutal bombast that issues from his instrument. But today, sitting in his publicist's office almost 2,000 mil...

  • 17 years ago | Music News

    No one was very surprised when Tenacious D -- the duo composed of vocalist/guitarist Jack Black and guitarist/backing vocalist Kyle Gass -- finally made it big. It was clear early on that the D had something special, even if the meager audiences t...

  • 17 years ago | Music News

    Chicago is a city known for neighborhoods with unique little names that distinguish one from the next; among them can be found the artist/hipster/Hispanic mishmash of Wicker Park and the ethnic, working-class potpourri of Lincoln Square. There's a...

  • 18 years ago | Music News

    Looking back on it now, the film roles Corey Feldman played in the late '80s and early '90s might have been some kind of predictor of the trouble he was to face in the years ahead: He played the attention-seeking cutup in The Goonies, the volatile...

  • 18 years ago | Music News

    You have to wonder what caused those early pioneers -- bound for the West Coast, motivated by the promise of gold or, more simply, water -- to plunk down and set up camp here in the Sonoran Desert. The Native populations -- Navajo, Pima, Apache --...


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