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  • 2 years ago
  • 8 years ago | Local Wire

    Some assume that being in a punk band means surrendering your sense of humor and giving up all claims on musical maturity. Fortunately, there's the occasional outfit that dispels that stereotype. The Ramones were goofy from the get-go, while Green...

  • 10 years ago | Local Wire

    Forget the Foo Fighters. The true champ when it comes to blending melody and mayhem is a tumultuous trio known as Dinosaur Jr. The prototypical hardcore heroes were making heads bop and torsos flail back when Dave Grohl was still taking his cues f...

  • 11 years ago | Local Wire

    Either Andy Partridge has way too much time on his hands or he's simply too prolific to be reined in by the confines of XTC, the proto-punk band-turned-Beatles/Beach Boys disciples he founded nearly three decades ago. It's likely a bit of both; af...

  • 11 years ago | Local Wire

    It would be difficult to imagine two artists who better embody the spirit of authentic Americana than John Fogerty and Willie Nelson. Each has established an indelible imprint, from the relentless refrains that framed Fogerty's Creedence Clearwate...


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