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  • Five Reasons Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" Rivals Rebecca Black's "Friday" In Stupidity

    published Nov 19, 2012

    Over a year and a half has gone by since Rebecca Black made her dreadful debut, which means it's time for another American tween to publicly embarrass herself to the rest of the country's delight. Jus... More >>

  • Forget the S.S. Coachella; Now There's a Music Festival on a Plane

    published Aug 29, 2012

    Someone has taken concert creativity to a whole new level. I can't decide if they're an idiot or a genius, but their idea is definitely ridiculous; so much so that I'm set on believing it's just ... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Peachcake

    published Jul 10, 2012

    As you might be able to infer from the colorful vikings on the flier, Peachcake is pretty stoked for their upcoming trip to Norway.To spread the love before they get to Europe, they'll be gigging on W... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: The Life Aquatic

    published Jul 05, 2012

    Psyko Steve is throwing another wet and wild pool party that is not to be missed. This time it's going down at The Saguaro in Scottsdale. Taking place on Sunday, July 8, the event will be a great... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: YVYNYL

    published Jul 03, 2012

    Not that we're opposed to reading, but once in a while we want a straightforward summary of why an album is worth a listen. We're also interested in playlists with obscure artists we've never heard of... More >>

  • Incoming: Slash, Bombay Bicycle Club, Donny and Marie Osmond

    published Jul 02, 2012

    Anyone who can put up with Axl Rose's antics as long as Slash did is one hell of a guy in our eyes.In all seriousness, if you think you've seen performances by some good guitarists but you've never se... More >>

  • F*ck You, I Like Dave Matthews Band

    F*ck You, I Like Dave Matthews Band

    published Jun 28, 2012

    Dave Matthews Band announced yesterday that they'll be dropping their new album, Away From the World, on September 11. Their highly anticipated follow-up to Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King wil... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Skinny Shamans

    published Jun 27, 2012

    There's a great opportunity coming up to have one hell of a good time at the Trunk Space on Saturday, June 30. Skinny Shamans are gettin' down at their CD release party for their new EP... More >>

  • Incoming: Blackstreet, Henry Rollins, Yelawolf, Brother Ali, and More

    published Jun 26, 2012

    There's no diggity, no doubt that we're oddly delighted to hear that Blackstreet's hitting the road, and with Ginuwine, no less. These '90s R&B crooners are going to tear up the stage at the ... More >>

  • Obsessed with "Call Me Maybe?" You're Not Alone

    published Jun 25, 2012

    As much as everyone might be sick of Carly Rae Jepsen's smash hit "Call Me Maybe," none of us can get the song out of our heads, much to our chagrin. Let's admit it: We're all secretly jamming out whe... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Roll Acosta

    published Jun 22, 2012

    See also: Roll Acosta Teams With John Vanderslice For This Dreamt Existence We're diggin' the simple elegance of the rolling tape on this Roll Acosta flier...See what they did there? Like we're digg... More >>

  • My Band T-Shirt: Classic Concertwear, Pit Stains and All

    published Jun 21, 2012

    Plenty of people visit the merch stand at concerts. Some people buy an item with the intent to wear it again and again, and it unexpectedly becomes destined to live on the top shelf of a closet where ... More >>

  • Incoming: Passion Pit, Pepper, Seether

    published Jun 19, 2012

    Yesterday we ran a list of our most anticipated summer releases featuring, among others, Fiona Apple and Passion Pit. Lo and behold, Apple announced a tour date in Phoenix, and now, we can add Passi... More >>

  • Five Summer Releases We're Excited About

    published Jun 18, 2012

    To our extreme delight, there are quite a few artists that are dropping new music this year for the first time in a long time. We've been waiting seemingly forever for No Doubt's next album. Thankfull... More >>

  • Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Kreayshawn and Tragik Make Fools of Themselves in New Group L$D

    published Jun 14, 2012

    See also: Kreayshawn at Marquee Theatre See also: Grimes at Rhythm Room For the most part, Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Kreayshawn and Tragik are each decent artists as separate entities (with the excepti... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Snail Quail

    published Jun 13, 2012

    We can't tell a lie: We're always amused by Snail Quail's humor and antics. (The band's handwritten notes sent to the New Times office have served to endlessly amuse us.)It's only natural that we're l... More >>

  • Incoming: Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, The Walkmen

    Incoming: Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, The Walkmen

    published Jun 12, 2012

    As usual, we're stoked for lots of upcoming concerts, but this week we're excited about a little extra hard-rockin' estrogen on the list.Nobody puts on a great performance quite like a strong female f... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: I Am Beyonce

    published Jun 11, 2012

    Have you ever wanted an insider's look into the life of Beyoncé? Luckily our girl B is really into showing us nearly every detail of her oh-so-glamorous lifestyle. Believe it or not, it's even more ... More >>

  • Walk the Moon at the Rhythm Room, 6/6/12

    published Jun 07, 2012

    See also: Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon Wants to Jam With Michael McDonald (Let's Make It Happen)Walk the MoonRhythm RoomWednesday, June 6, 2012Walk the Moon have conquered kiddie rock, impressed... More >>

  • Incoming: Buckethead, The Mynabirds, Xiu Xiu

    published Jun 06, 2012

    Multi-genre guitarist extraordinaire Buckethead is coming to Phoenix in August to show off his extreme shredding skills. Some of his work is quite lively while some of it is actually kind of soothing.... More >>

  • Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon Wants to Jam With Michael McDonald (Let's Make it Happen)

    Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon Wants to Jam With Michael McDonald (Let's Make it Happen)

    published Jun 05, 2012

    With one of the catchiest songs of the summertime, "Anna Sun" has launched Walk the Moon to the top spot on millions of playlists. Between a series of stops at music festivals, the band curr... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Sundressed

    Flier of the Week: Sundressed

    published Jun 04, 2012

    Nothing says "it's officially summertime" quite like seeing a dude nonchalantly sporting a short sun dress. Appropriately, Sundressed has got us pumped up for a great summer gig this weekend that's pa... More >>

  • Ween Is Over, But We Still Have These Five Dork Rock Groups to Love

    published Jun 01, 2012

    It's not usually a happy ending for a band when only some of their members are informed that they're breaking up. Aaron Freeman, a.k.a. Gene Ween, said earlier this week that it's time for him to put ... More >>

  • Incoming: Metric, Yeasayer, Lightning Bolt

    published May 30, 2012

    Metric, who sound like a poppier, gentler version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, are dropping a new album, Synthetica, on June 12. They'll be hitting up the Marquee Theatre in support of the record, but... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Donavon Frankenreiter

    published May 29, 2012

    If this flyer doesn't put you in a happier mood, we don't know what will. This soothing watercolor painting was taken from the cover of Donavon Frankenreiter's new album Start Livin', which drops toda... More >>

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