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  • Incoming: Jason Mraz, Pennywise, Jeff the Brotherhood

    published Apr 11, 2012

    Guess who's looking a lot older and more strung out than last time anyone saw him? Good ol' Jason Mraz. You'd think that someone who has "the remedy" would easily be able to keep himself from looking ... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: Kanye Chef

    published Apr 10, 2012

    See also: Laurie Notaro's Eight Food(ie) Terms Past Their Expiration Dates We're a music blog, but that doesn't mean we aren't passionate about our food, too. When we're not blogging about music fest... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: Sleevefaced

    published Apr 04, 2012

    We feature a lot of brilliant music-related Tumblrs full of funny Photoshopped pictures. What's better than that, you ask?Sleevefaced, that's what.Sleevefaced is a collection of photos of people incor... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Treasure MammaL

    Flier of the Week: Treasure MammaL

    published Apr 03, 2012

    Well, this is hands down one of the best fliers we've seen in a long time, and it's too good not to be shared. It's creative, informative, and most of all, a little familiar. Where have we seen this... More >>

  • Incoming: Summerland Tour, Santigold, 311

    published Apr 03, 2012

    This summer is bringing in a miraculous flood of awesome shows if '90s alt-pop rock is your cup of tea. Everclear, Sugar Ray, The Gin Blossoms, Lit, and Marcy Playground are hitting the road together ... More >>

  • White Rabbits at Crescent Ballroom, 3/30/12

    published Mar 31, 2012

    ​​White Rabbits Friday, March 30, 2012 Crescent Ballroom It's safe to say it's been a while since I've been so blown away by a band I didn't even know. Everyone I spoke to before the White Rabbi... More >>

  • White Rabbits, Gull, and Other Successful Animal Rock Bands

    published Mar 30, 2012

    Indie rockers White Rabbits are coming up fast and now they're on their way to potentially making it big. They recently appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman, and they released a fantastic mu... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: Fiddy's Biddies

    published Mar 28, 2012

    Twitter has proven to be a fascinating look into the head-spaces of many of our favorite celebrities and musicians. While plenty of rappers have taken to the micro-blogging site, few have managed to b... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Bubble Bobble 4

    published Mar 27, 2012

    ​Another great bubblepalooza event is coming to Phoenix. Bubble Bobble 4 is this Saturday, March 31, at the Madison Event Center, and since it's a sick foam party it is not to be missed. The rave f... More >>

  • Incoming: One Direction, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Big Freedia and the Divas

    published Mar 26, 2012

    ​If you're down to get your pop rock kicks in an estrogen ocean of little girls, the upcoming One Direction concert at Comerica Theatre is the place to be. I could have sworn the boy band era was ov... More >>

  • Gene Simmons Has Beef With Rihanna, and Probably a Few Other Pop Stars

    published Mar 23, 2012

    ​See also: KISS and Motley Crue Are Coming to Phoenix (Together!)Don't make lip-syncing a habit at concerts, or outspoken KISS-man Gene Simmons will have something to say about it."We're sick and ti... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: Kanye Plus Comics

    published Mar 21, 2012

    ​Tumblr blogger Chris Haley has proclaimed that he loves comics and he loves Kanye. Put 'em together and you have, you guessed it, Kanye Plus Comics.This blog has got all of the comic drawings ... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Long Wong's Two Year Anniversary Party

    published Mar 20, 2012

    ​As the giant number on this flier denotes, Long Wong's it's been two years since Long Wong's in Tempe rose from the ashes to once again be a hotspot of musical action.There are so many bands listed... More >>

  • Incoming: Cage the Elephant, Garbage, Hot Tuna

    published Mar 19, 2012

    ​Kentucky alternative rockers Cage the Elephant are making a stop at the Marquee Theatre in April. The band is still pumping out singles from their latest release, Thank You, Happy Birthday, and wil... More >>

  • Radiohead at Arena, 3/15/12

    Radiohead at Arena, 3/15/12

    published Mar 16, 2012

    ​ ArenaThursday, March 15See the full Radiohead slideshow here.Last week I made it public knowledge that I'm not a Radiohead fan. Call me crazy, but the songs of the critically ad... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: Justin Timberlake Doing Things

    published Mar 16, 2012

    ​For the last few years, Justin Timberlake has been focusing more on his acting career and less on his music. I love a good falsetto voice every now and then, but there's only so much of JT's music ... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Flogging Molly

    published Mar 14, 2012

    ​If you're looking for a good time on St. Patty's Day, there are tons of local options. With all of the great shows that will be going on, seems like all of Tempe is turning Irish for a day!Flogging... More >>

  • Incoming: Daughtry, The B-52's, The Expendables

    published Mar 13, 2012

    ​The all-American nearly-turned Fuel frontman American Idol star Chris Daughtry is bringing his band and his ever-prominent soul patch to the Southwest for a rock and roll romp at the Comerica Theat... More >>

  • Radiohead: Really, What's the Big Deal?

    Radiohead: Really, What's the Big Deal?

    published Mar 08, 2012

    ​There are certain artists whose appeal and popularity I could never seem to justify. To no avail, I've tried to be open-minded and give them a chance time and time again.I'll never know why the who... More >>

  • Incoming: Donavon Frankenreiter, Ted Nugent, Rusted Root

    published Mar 07, 2012

    ​Guitarist Donavon Frankenreiter shares more than just a surfy, breezy acoustic sound with Jack Johnson. He worked with Johnson's label, Brushfire Records before signing to alt-country label Lost Hi... More >>

  • Tumblr of the Week: Girls That Look Like Skrillex

    published Mar 06, 2012

    ​Considering I'm not a fan of his wub-wub music whatsoever, I hate that I've been giving Skrillex so much attention lately.  But this blog is a gem nevertheless.Look-alikes are always fun ... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Mikel Lander and Meridith Moore

    published Mar 05, 2012

    ​The passing of Soul Train creator and long-time host Don Cornelius has still got us down, but not so down that we won't get out to boogie with the best once in a while.Long Wong's is hosting Mikel ... More >>

  • Re:Generation Music Project: More Than Just Another Techno Movie

    published Mar 01, 2012

    Amir Bar-Lev's Re:Generation Music Project is a truly sensational demonstration of the music that can be made when people have an open mind. As DJ Premier said in the film, "Music can't die as long as... More >>

  • Incoming: John Mayer, The Aquabats, Thrice

    published Feb 28, 2012

    ​Blues pop lover boy John Mayer is heading west.He has recently opted for a more mature look, and over the years his attitude has matured too, and it would seem that he's also moved on from saying t... More >>

  • Flier of the Week: Valley Fever Quarantine 3

    published Feb 27, 2012

    We love us a good ol' western music roundup! Those faded, sandy western colors on this flier make us long for hours of country music performances. Conveniently, Valley Fever Quarantine 3 will be prov... More >>

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