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1996 Stories by Marshall W. Mason

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  • Period Peace

    published July 11, 1996

    If you love to be enraged by art like Phoenix Art Museum's recent exhibit about the American flag or the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, you really... More >>

  • Brute Farce

    published July 11, 1996

    The classic French bedroom farce was invented almost a hundred years ago by Georges Feydeau. The form features a complicated plot that unfolds at... More >>

  • Bridesmaids Revisited

    published June 27, 1996

    When Five Women Wearing the Same Dress played earlier this season at In Mixed Company, it was greeted with such hosannas that it now has been... More >>

  • The Pater Principle

    published June 20, 1996

    June is the month Hallmark has told us we should wax sentimental over Dad. In reality, the towering figure of a father can be a forbidding... More >>

  • Queue Tip

    published June 20, 1996

    It is a joy to report the birth of a new theatre in Phoenix, especially one that shows such promise in its pedigree. The group is called The... More >>

  • Simply Simon

    published June 13, 1996

    Neil Simon is the most popular playwright in American theatre history. He has written some 27 plays for Broadway, accumulating close to 17,000... More >>

  • Ballots Over Broadway

    published June 6, 1996

    As a dislocated audience, Phoenix's theatre fans have to employ a bit of guesswork when it comes to buying Broadway theatre tickets. Stuck... More >>

  • Play Dead

    published May 16, 1996

    The program of Italian Funerals & Other Festive Occasions tells us that the author, John Miranda, is an actor. The discerning audience member... More >>

  • Paternity Suite

    published May 9, 1996

    Can an actor's performance be too good for a play? Apparently it can, if one performance so overwhelms the script that the depth and subtlety of... More >>

  • Birth of a Notion

    published May 9, 1996

    To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: "When the gods wish to punish us, they grant our prayers." For the past two seasons, I have been thumping a drum,... More >>

  • Slumber Camp

    published May 2, 1996

    If Peter Quince were alive today and living in Arizona, he might well be the artistic director of Southwest Shakespeare Company. Quince is, of... More >>

  • A Taj of Class

    published April 25, 1996

    Delicate rectangles of light dapple a translucent scrim that masks the proscenium at Herberger Theater's Center Stage. The tinkle of tiny cymbals... More >>

  • Basic Black

    published April 18, 1996

    Lorraine Hansberry's powerful drama A Raisin in the Sun is to the black experience what Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman is to that of... More >>

  • Life and the Maiden

    published April 18, 1996

    In a brief prologue, a pale young woman fixes her eyes on the black void that is the past: "I'm seeing him. He's huge. The biggest man in the... More >>

  • Killer Theatre

    published April 11, 1996

    The most erotic image I have seen on the stages of Phoenix can be ogled at Playwright's Workshop Theatre on Seventh Street. The time is the... More >>

  • Intriguing Entertainment

    published April 4, 1996

    Inspector, I confess! I love stage mysteries and thrillers. From the time, as a youngster, I saw the film classic Witness for the... More >>

  • Seasons Bleatings

    published April 4, 1996

    Safely ensconced in its comfortable new home in a strip mall at 99th Avenue and Peoria Avenue, Theater Works is presenting Robert Bolt's turgid,... More >>

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