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  • 13 years ago | Local Wire

    Everyone goes through a phase where they wish they'd lived in the '60s. You know, the world roils outside, but in the bedroom, the record player is turned up to the latest thing -- musical bliss. Well, guess what? We've got soldiers slogging throu...

  • 14 years ago | Local Wire

    We used to be a British colony. We threw 'em out, they got over it, and more than two centuries later, Tony Blair stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Dubya, bragging about the two countries' "special relationship." The U.S. and the U.K. have had a lo...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    As it must, the Strokes' second LP registers as something of a disappointment. After all, Room on Fire sounds like the Strokes' debut -- and once they remade the world in their own prickly, swivel-hipped image, nothing that sounds vaguely similar ...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    Calling punk an attitude has become an MTV-generation cliché. It's used as a post-mortem tribute to a musician's rebelliousness: Johnny Cash, yo, that guy was punk. But there's more resonance, now, in punk as an attitude than in its descrip...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    Mogwai's music is a web of contradictions. The band is given to grand gestures, yet the music finds its power in subtlety: Delicate moments accumulate into something bigger than the sum of those parts, and then, for an instant, the bottom drops ou...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    The reaction to Steve Malkmus' eponymous 2001 debut was astonishingly consistent. "Whew," sighed hard-core Pavement fans: Malkmus was a little poppier, a little more straightforward than any Pavement recording, but it still sounded like Pavement. ...


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