• @RelentlessRead
    13 September, 2017

    RT @matociquala: #whenIwasyourage we didn't have Youtube. To see someone ironically destroy consumer goods, you had to stay up to watch Let…

  • @RelentlessRead
    4 September, 2017

    RT @howardtayler: RT if you'll be celebrating Labor Day by working.

  • @RelentlessRead
    3 September, 2017

    RT @ann_leckie: You say "Taxation is theft!" I hear "I'm a selfish asshole who thinks things like well-maintained roads just coalesce out o…

  • @RelentlessRead
    29 August, 2017

    RT @SamSykesSwears: rt if you or someone close to you is a lich

  • @RelentlessRead
    24 August, 2017

    RT @MykeCole: Good people protect those who have less power. That is the very definition of decency.


Michael Senft

Michael Senft

Michael runs the Sci-Fridays Book Club at the Poisoned Pen, and volunteers at local pop-culture conventions. He can be found at the occasional prog-rock concert.

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