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  • My Own Private Utah

    published May 6, 1999

    The "SLC" in SLC Punk! stands for Salt Lake City, but it might as well stand for Some Lucky Chump. The filmmaker, James Merendino, has stated that... More >>

  • Cyber Dance

    published April 22, 1999

    Just as David Cronenberg's The Fly (1986) came off as an organic reaction to a terrible new wasting disease, his new movie crystalizes the... More >>

  • Planes, Trains and Stalled Comedy Vehicles

    published April 8, 1999

    Steve Martin says he doesn't want audiences to expect the same old Steve Martin whenever he stars in a comedy. But that means one thing when he's... More >>

  • Candied Camera

    published March 25, 1999

    "I hope it's better than The Truman Show," said the woman in line behind me at the publicized "sneak preview" of EDtv. Afterward, a man in my row... More >>

  • Witty Witty Gang Bang

    published March 18, 1999

    Immodesty becomes Guy Ritchie, the British writer-director who makes a jovial debut on a Jovian scale in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. In... More >>

  • Depth Takes a Holiday

    published March 11, 1999

    The Deep End of the Ocean starts out as a maternal horror movie and ends up as a family therapy session. Michelle Pfeiffer plays the photographer... More >>

  • Rocketeer Jerker

    published February 25, 1999

    What's entertaining about October Sky is the unlikely-but-true spectacle of backwater West Virginia teens teaching themselves rocket science in... More >>

  • The Mild Bunch

    published January 21, 1999

    "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose," Kris Kristofferson sings in his most beguiling song, "Me and Bobby McGee." Stephen Frears'... More >>

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