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  • 23 years ago | Music News

    The Smithereens Attack of the Smithereens (Capitol) The same day Capitol issued its much-ballyhooed first installment of The Beatles Anthology, it also put out a cache of rare, unreleased Smithereens recordings. But unlike Anthology, which has the...

  • 29 years ago | Music News

    For a while, David Letterman would randomly run on his show the portion of Stevie Nicks' 1986 "Talk to Me" video where she spins with incredible velocity and abandon, perched high on her platform boots and weighed down by yards of draped velvet. A...

  • 29 years ago | Music News

    Just about anyone under thirty has heard of the Cure. Many have seen front man Robert Smith and his giant haircut. Some can name songs, and be counted as fans. Unite all those people, something the Cure has managed to do, and you have a band that'...

  • 30 years ago | Music News

    Comedians are the poor, deprived children of the entertainment world. At least when compared to their siblings in rock 'n' roll they are. For every household Jay Leno, a dozen Def Leppards--five anonymous names and faces (to the general public, an...


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