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  • 6 years ago | Local Wire

    On the surface, John Vanderslice seems like just another in a long line of melancholy singer-songwriters. Frankly, even if a slew of mopey indie-folk songs were his only contribution to the American music canon, he'd still be worthy of praise, jus...

  • 7 years ago | Local Wire

    Genre revivals are interesting phenomena that don't always occur in chronological order. For example, the current thrash metal revival has been going strong since the early 2000s, but the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound that served as a prec...

  • 7 years ago | Local Wire

    There's no "secret formula" for success in any music genre, but finding an audience as a prog rock band seems especially tricky. Prog rock's biggest success stories range from the legendary (Pink Floyd) to the legendarily annoying (Rush). For a ge...

  • 7 years ago | Local Wire

    It's tempting to say that the lineup for local hard rock station KUPD's U-Fest looks culled from a Where Are They Now? marathon on VH-1. But that would imply that someone actually gives a shit where bands like Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, and Powerm...

  • 7 years ago | Music News

    It's not everyday that a band's first gig is also its CD release show. It's rarer still that such a gig would take place at Tempe's Clubhouse Music Venue, a 600-capacity venue that typically plays host to up-and-coming national touring acts. Then ...

  • 7 years ago | Local Wire

    For Howard Stern Show fans, the mere mention of Amon Amarth inspires chuckles. It's virtually impossible not to think of Stern show writer Richard Christie declaring Amon Amarth his "faaay-vrit" in his trademark Kansas drawl. While Christie &mdash...


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