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  • Unhappy Emile

    published October 7, 1999

    "Burn down the disco. Hang the blessed DJ because the music that they constantly play says nothing to me about my life." -- The Smiths... More >>

  • What Dreams May Come

    published August 12, 1999

    Next week, thousands of clubgoers are expected to line up for the unveiling of Sanctuary, Scottsdale's newest nightspot. The hype surrounding this... More >>

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    published July 29, 1999

    Not everyone understands electronic music. Those who express their resistance often describe it as repetitious, soulless, faceless and disposable.... More >>

  • The Rise of Pompeii

    published July 8, 1999

    More and more, Tempe is becoming an enemy of the state. Developers are encouraging the growth of an already overly saturated downtown area, and... More >>

  • Axis Powers

    published June 24, 1999

    Shudder to think that here in Phoenix, more than 12,000 people show up to see rock relics like Poison and Ratt while AOR radio stations look... More >>

  • Touch of Evil

    published June 3, 1999

    It was probably pure coincidence, but Gwar fans entering Club Rio's "21 and over" patio on Tuesday, May 25, received a stamp on their wrist that... More >>

  • Going Underground

    published May 20, 1999

    On the eve of Cinco de Mayo, while many bars spent a slow evening stocking a shitload of Coronas, limes and tequila, Boston's was quite busy... More >>

  • Devil's Triangle

    published May 6, 1999

    We keep hearing rumblings that Phoenix has emerged as a major metropolis. Some inhabitants even take pride in the smog they inhale, viewing it as... More >>

Archives: 2001 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997