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  • 26 years ago | Theater

    When writers write books, they're published as they've written them. Photographers' photographs are displayed as they've printed them. But playwrights and their plays, which require middlemen, are at the mercy of the actors and directors who produ...

  • 26 years ago | Theater

    Just when we thought the people at Actors Lab Arizona were going to change their name to the Six Women With Brain Death--or Expiring Minds Want to Know Theatre Company, they closed their long-running revival of their biggest hit ever. But they ann...

  • 27 years ago | News

    Flocks of snowbirds hover once again on the Arizona horizon. Jetting through the skies or trundling across the mountains in Winnebagos and large, late-model sedans they come, fleeing the Midwest's December chill to bask in the balmy warmth of our ...

  • 27 years ago | Theater

    Its producers describe Psycho Beach Party as "Gidget meets Psycho on the way to Where The Boys Are." Add elements of The Three Faces of Eve, Marnie, and Mommie Dearest and you will still have only a partial list of the sources tapped by playwright...

  • 27 years ago | Theater

    "A musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame? What next? Hello, Dracula!?" Really, it's only logical--if not inevitable--that after the successes of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, someone would try to put a third French novel to...


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