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  • 14 years ago | Music News

    If current trends are any indication, we're going to be hearing a lot about acid in the coming months. Not the chemical that bound Haight to Ashbury to create 1967's Summer of Love, but the catalyst behind the other so-called Summer of Love, in 19...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    Hip-hop's history a dialectic forged by battling, boasting and street-corner besting is a tug of war between MCs and producers. Throughout much of the late '90s, the lyricists had the upper hand, prompting the British label BBE (short for "Barely ...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    Loose Fur is not a Jim O'Rourke album but that's only true in the sense that Magritte's famous painting The Treason of Images (which features the line "This is not a pipe" written in French below an obvious pipe) is not a pipe. After all, everythi...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    The electronica market is fairly glutted with attempts at Brazilian soul, and almost all of them are as skimpy as an Ipanema bikini. Relying on a scrap of melodics and a thin rhythmic string, these endeavors are usually way too polite to do justic...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    Like virtually all products of American culture, hip-hop has traveled on globalism's winds to take root in the unlikeliest of places — from Serbia to São Paulo. Africa Raps: Senegal, Mali, and the Gambia, a compilation on German label ...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    If you don't believe that underground hip-hop is enjoying a serious renaissance right now, just listen to El-P's brilliant solo debut, Fantastic Damage. Maybe "enjoying" is the wrong word: The oh-so-appropriately titled album doesn't sound like it...


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