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  • Lady Luck

    published December 25, 2003

    12/26-1/11 "It's intimidating when you play anybody who's lived a life," says actress Joan Pringle (best known for playing Sybil... More >>

  • Jingle Bell Schlock

    published December 4, 2003

    As another holiday season approaches, all is merry and trite -- and a cranky crew of local performers has had its fill of the fa la la la blah.... More >>

  • Scrooging Myself

    published November 27, 2003

    At the stroke of midnight, Ebenezer Scrooge begins getting visits by ghosts -- one from Christmas past, one from Christmas present, and one from... More >>

  • Royal Treatment

    published November 20, 2003

    11/22-11/23 "It's like taking a vacation and being a dictator for two days," says Mimi Altree, the actress playing Queen Elizabeth in... More >>

  • The Art of the Book

    published November 13, 2003

    From the street, it looks like a birthday party. On a recent Saturday evening, SUVs and minivans line a Chandler neighborhood, and people with... More >>

  • Wear Abouts

    published November 13, 2003

    Sat 11/15 Thanks to designers who routinely revive styles from past decades, American consumers are well schooled in the diversity of... More >>

  • World Beat

    published November 13, 2003

    11/13-11/122 The Brazilian art form/dance/martial art Capoeira has been described as "a conversation between two bodies in motion," a... More >>

  • Fly Ball

    published November 6, 2003

    11/8-11/9 Of all the ironies to emerge from our current "country at war" mindset, perhaps the greatest involves the startling number... More >>

  • Race Invaders

    published November 6, 2003

    Sat 11/8 At last, a car show that's so not Scottsdale. This Saturday, November 8, cruise to Fast Eddie's Diner, 3422 West... More >>

  • List of Fate

    published November 6, 2003

    11/8-11/23 In the shadow of the Cold War, a round of redbaiting in 1950s Hollywood produced a "blacklist" of film professionals banned... More >>

  • Suite Sorrow

    published October 30, 2003

    11/5-11/9 The nuptial mood can go to hell in about two seconds when the bride's ex is in the honeymoon suite next door, as in Noel... More >>

  • Road Voyeur

    published October 23, 2003

    Sat 10/25 For all of you Peeping and would-be Peeping Toms, The Roosevelt Historic District is offering the perfect way to peep without... More >>

  • Flaunt It House

    published October 23, 2003

    Sat 10/25 If your closet looks like the wardrobe vault from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, we recommend... More >>

  • Like a Virgin

    published October 16, 2003

    10/16-10/19 Don't feel bad if you've never heard of Arizona Opera's opener -- except for the duet Au Fond Du Temple Saint,... More >>

  • Quilty Pleasures

    published October 9, 2003

    "These pieces -- well, they're kind of strange," laughs choreographer and former Arizona State University dance teacher Marion Kirk Jones. "But... More >>

  • Fall in Line

    published October 9, 2003

    Sat 10/11 If we learned anything in Gamma Delta Phi, it's that fish don't like beer. Since the usual Oktoberfestivities won't... More >>

  • Web Masters

    published October 9, 2003

    10/10-10/12 When you bring the entire Titanic onto the Herberger stage and sink it to music, people start suspecting you are more than... More >>

  • Tee and Sympathy

    published October 2, 2003

    10/6-10/12 Its drunken 16th hole notwithstanding, the Phoenix Open has little, if anything, on the Valley's other great PGA event, the... More >>

  • Branch Canvas

    published October 2, 2003

    Fri 10/3 Downtown's First Friday art tour gets another stop this weekend, which showcases the work of local photographer Marilyn Szabo.... More >>

  • Pound for Pound

    published October 2, 2003

    Tue 10/7 While percussion plays a supporting role in almost all of Western music, it is an art form and musical genre all its own in... More >>

  • Strong Language

    published September 25, 2003

    9/25-11/6 Spread the words: The Valley's top slam poets have a shot at the big time -- the World Championship Poetry Crown. Slammers... More >>

  • Very Fun Performance

    published September 25, 2003

    Sun 9/28 Author Eric Carle has illustrated more than 70 books with his hand-painted collage imagery. His whimsical tales of the animal... More >>

  • Triumphant Return

    published September 18, 2003

    9/18-9/20 It is fitting that September marks not only the opening of an inspiring exhibition in Scottsdale, but also the month that... More >>

  • The Price Is Right

    published September 4, 2003

    9/5-9/30 How low can LoDo go? Lower than you'd expect from a cutting-edge gallery: 100 smackers. To celebrate its new name and... More >>

  • Teddy, Set, Go

    published September 4, 2003

    Sun 9/7 This weekend, make tracks and make a difference. In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Build-A-Bear Workshop,... More >>

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