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  • Single Sensation

    published July 5, 2012

    If you have somehow managed to mosey through the last year without hearing Foster The People's infectious single "Pumped Up Kicks," you're... More >>

  • High School Times

    published June 21, 2012

    By 1984, filmmaker John Hughes was well on his way to becoming a Hollywood powerhouse, but it's doubtful that even he was prepared for the... More >>

  • Sound Off

    published June 14, 2012

    Most of the world has no idea who Trimpin is, and he'd just as soon keep it that way. But the longtime Seattle resident, who legally shortened... More >>

  • The Shoegaze Fits

    published June 7, 2012

    Whether The Life And Times will etch their names into the pantheon of great Kansas City artists remains to be seen. The seemingly innocuous... More >>

  • A Little Bit Loudon Now

    published May 31, 2012

    With few exceptions, pop lyrics have become dumber over time, even though lyricists think of themselves as having become smarter. Loudon... More >>

  • Prog Flock

    published May 24, 2012

    Just like the rave scene way back in the ‘90s, today's brand of dubstep may very well be a flash in the pan. With fiercely devoted... More >>

  • Bric-A-RAC

    published May 17, 2012

    In the '80s-enamored, neon world of modern electronic music, there's plenty of plastic, just not enough plasticity. With many DJs failing to... More >>

  • Digital Get Down

    published May 10, 2012

    How exactly Jon Rauhouse earned the nickname Mr. Orchid Fingers is unclear, but upon listening to one of Arizona's most respected guitarists it's... More >>

  • Volley-Hall

    published May 3, 2012

    When Denver-based rockers Tennis serve up their breezy brand of pop at Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue, their rackets ought to be... More >>

  • March in April

    published April 26, 2012

    If you've ever had a premonition that the band geek you made fun of in high school would somehow end up cooler than you, rest easy, because it... More >>

  • Kick Out the James

    published April 12, 2012

    Born from 1980s Manchester at the height of the Factory Records era, storied art rockers James have nothing if they don't have integrity.... More >>

  • Flavor Flay

    published April 5, 2012

    Kristine Flaherty is a white suburbanite female who holds two undergraduate degrees from Stanford. She's also K. Flay, an acclaimed... More >>

  • Grow with the Flow

    published March 29, 2012

    The agave plant is commonly referred to as the century plant because of the staggering amount of time it takes to flower and subsequently die.... More >>

  • Dirty Dancing

    published February 23, 2012

    There's nothing dingy about Canadian songwriter Claire Boucher. In fact, the 23-year-old singer/producer who performs under the moniker Grimes... More >>

  • Water Babies

    published February 16, 2012

    Rockabilly devotees, possibly more than any other dedicated music fans, put the cult in subculture. Daddy-Os and pin-up wannabes nurture... More >>

  • Five Front Frenzy

    published February 2, 2012

    What happens when you put five frontmen from prominent bands on the same bill? You get Where's the Band? Seeing so many chiefs without any... More >>

  • Crimes and Misdemeanors

    published January 26, 2012

    As long as Tempe’s Yucca Tap Room, the Valley's most venerated dive bar, continues to meet the perfunctory requirements of a live music... More >>

  • The Half Nelson

    published January 19, 2012

    When celebrities procreate the results are often newsworthy for all the wrong reasons. It's typically the woeful tale of a wanton trust funder... More >>

  • Calling All Partici-pants

    published January 5, 2012

    There are plenty of perfectly acceptable reasons for folks to disrobe. The usual suspects include: sex, sleep, showering, and, once a year, the... More >>

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