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  • 12 years ago | Local Wire

    "There's just something about them," Kristin Allen-Zito sings-mutters to open her 2004 album Helium. Sounds like yet another coffeehouse singer with cigarette-stained vocals, a strummed acoustic guitar and cute "ooh"s in the background, but then s...

  • 12 years ago | Music News

    For record labels, video games and music are a match made in target-audience heaven. EA Sports pushes major-label names in rock and hip-hop on the company's yearly Madden and NBA updates, and Tony Hawk games sport underground punk and metal soundt...

  • 12 years ago | Local Wire

    For this week's American debut of the Arctic Monkeys, bullshit deflectors have been readied in droves. And for good reason: The debut's hype, British record-breaking sales figures and critical raves are getting more attention than the actual songs...

  • 12 years ago | Local Wire

    "First of all, fuck Bush, that's the all, that's the end of it." With the first line of his latest CD, Audition, Minnesota's P.O.S. wastes no time arming his verbal brass knuckles, and everything he brings to the hip-hop game on this impressive LP...

  • 13 years ago | Local Wire

    With Confessions on a Dance Floor, Madonna makes progress in returning to form after the preachy, pale American Life, but this seamless, beat-filled ode to dance clubs isn't enough to restore her pop relevance. These are the sounds of 1998, halfwa...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    Conspiracy theorists, ready your blogs: The RIAA unleashed last month's Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now on the American public to convince us to stop sending aid to Louisiana. Why? Who knows? But this two-disc benefit album is the musical equi...


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