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  • 2 years ago | Wine

    "Join our wine-tasting group," Pavle Milic offered as I was delivering wine to FnB, the the Old Town Scottsdale restaurant he runs with Charleen Badman. I was in. I am so out of practice, and I just don't drink a wide range of wine. I live with my...

  • 2 years ago | Wine

    I always wonder what people are actually doing when they refer to "the F-word." I mean, they all know what it means. Why don't they just say it? It seems to me to reveal a kind of double-standard. When you are watching one of those clips on the ne...

  • 3 years ago | Wine

    Sipping in your Chevy by the levee. The heady fragrance of ripe strawberries, your arm around your babe, the song by Deana Carter on the radio drowning out the trance-inducing nighttime crickets under the full moon. Why not? We get asked about fru...

  • 3 years ago | Wine

    In the South of France, November 2012, the most stunning example of terroir was when we were confronted with the rock-filled vineyards of Chateauneuf de Pape. Terroir (French pronunciation: ​[tɛʁwaʁ] from terre, "land") is...

  • 3 years ago | Wine

    It's been established: With airline crashes, it's never one thing. It's usually a combination of three. More on this later. I love the sea. (Yeah, that's why I live in Arizona.) I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, where it's impossible to be more ...

  • 3 years ago | Wine

    "Gimme your biggest wine!" One of the requests I dread the most. I know for sure he just drove up in his Toyota Tundra Crew Max Double Cab 4x4 Platinum 5.7L V8 FFV ** 6-Speed Automatic. After all, why not drive the biggest, most expensive, most po...


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