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  • 2013 - Lone Star Awards

    "Dam It!"

  • 2012 - Maggies: The Magazine Awards of Western Publishing, published August 18, 2011

    "Knocked Out"

  • 2012 - Salute to Excellence Awards/National Association of Black Journalists, published October 20, 2011

    "Sons of Blood and Thunder"

2006 Stories by Steve Jansen

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  • Overexposed

    published December 28, 2006

    During a recent visit to the newly expanded Phoenix Art Museum, I overheard a fellow patron say, "The art at this museum never ceases to... More >>

  • Raising the Bar

    published December 14, 2006

    You love music, you enjoy a drink while listening to music, but you aren’t all into acting like a hipster foolio in public while... More >>

  • High Fidel-Ity

    published December 14, 2006

    Spanish-language students and foreign-film connoisseurs can kick it together during the weekly English-subtitled Spanish Place Movie... More >>

  • The Sonny Side

    published November 16, 2006

    Old folks' music. An antique museum piece. A bleak and forgotten cause. All stereotypes to describe the American-born and -bred art form known as... More >>

  • The Sound of Música

    published November 16, 2006

    DJ Big Latin is a punisher of the following: 1) dance floors, which are torn up when his wheels of steel are in motion; 2) uninitiated eardrums,... More >>

  • Avant-Garde the Border

    published November 9, 2006

    Glenn Weyant's The Anta Project — a single, 54-minute track created by playing the steel walls and barbed-wire fences along the... More >>

  • Carly's Angels

    published November 2, 2006

    There’s a new weekly Live Visual Art series, and it’s happenin’ at one of our favorite Roosevelt Row hangs: Carly’s... More >>

  • Bodhisattva

    published October 26, 2006

    Bodhisattva's 20-minute, three-track EP Magnetar may not appeal to those who are prone to popping headache pills whenever they hear time... More >>

  • The Feeblez

    published October 19, 2006

    Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, and based in Tempe since 2002, this hip-hop trio of Ether, Dirty Nap-Z, and Tusk One brings its gritty hip-hop... More >>

  • Imagined Life

    published October 5, 2006

    Suzanne Falk, 36, is a self-taught photorealistic painter who creates through a unique imagined reality. Her oil paintings, often mistaken for... More >>

  • Green Grocer

    published September 28, 2006

    Remember the "good old days" when glass bottles of milk and fresh-baked loaves of bread were delivered to your doorstep? Well, Boxed Greens does... More >>

  • Drunken Immortals

    published September 14, 2006

    Before we even marinated our eardrums to Hot Concrete — the Drunken Immortals' third full-length album that's out to steal your mind... More >>

  • Rakim

    published August 31, 2006

    When we heard Rakim (of Eric B. and Rakim fame) was coming to town, we bopped our collective heads while listening to his last release, 1999's... More >>

  • Q-Tip Girl

    published August 31, 2006

    Lisa Albinger, 30, creates stirring depictions of relationships, womanhood, and growing up with scoliosis, using cotton swabs and paper towels... More >>

  • Brutal 'Scapes

    published August 31, 2006

    Paris-based photographer Maurice Sherif is great at showing viewers everything by showing them nothing at the same time. Unlike... More >>

  • Homme Boys

    published August 24, 2006

    Irresistible music and community-building art unite when StraightNoChaser Presents: “one,” a hip-happening evening of danceable... More >>

  • Briefs Encounter

    published August 10, 2006

    Skin events are hot during the Valley summer. Hell, skin events are hot all the damned time. That's why Pat O's Bunkhouse Saloon invites all... More >>

  • Liquid Courage

    published August 3, 2006

    Been to the gym this summer? Make it pay off during One O'Clock Shirtless Shots, where you'll get a penny shot for exposing yourself from... More >>

  • Go Fish

    published August 3, 2006

    City anglers can get fishy without leaving town at Red Mountain Park Lake during Urban Fishing. The eight-acre oasis features two fishing... More >>

  • Skip Town -- For Real

    published June 1, 2006

    Urban legend has it that you've gotta be downright filthy rich (and/or retired) to escape the sweltering Phoenix summer. Meet some mythbusters... More >>

  • The Project

    published March 23, 2006

    The Project enjoys bringing it back to the blunt-tokin' old school days of "Bitches Ain't Shit" gangsta rap circa nine-deuce, but with a twist,... More >>

  • Dietrichs

    published February 16, 2006

    These days it seems that for a band to be credible, it has to reference some predecessor or style, preferably prefixed with "post." There's... More >>

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