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1989 Stories by Steven Weiss

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  • Let the Good Tines Roll

    published December 27, 1989

    Prior to the Eighties, the desert dining scene might best be characterized by its cheap (but delectable) chimichanga chow and its pretty (but... More >>

  • Soys R Us

    published December 20, 1989

    Although various people have encouraged me to partake of Japanese fast food, a real ambivalence about raw fish, skepticism about fast... More >>

  • Family Thais

    published November 29, 1989

    A deceptively pretty red relish, it bears a resemblance to Mexican salsa. The waiter calls it chile paste, but that's like using the... More >>

  • Dine And Gone To Heaven

    published November 15, 1989

    Of all the places I've yet reviewed for New Times, today's establishment is the one that least requires the quibbles and qualifications inherent... More >>

  • Feed 'em... And Weep

    published November 15, 1989

    First off, let's understand that this is not about hating kids. Surely and sadly the world does have its miscreants who loathe the... More >>

  • Continental Divide

    published October 25, 1989

    Louie Jones has been a force on the Phoenix fine-dining scene for what seems like forever. Previous associations with such posh and... More >>

  • Awesome Buco

    published October 4, 1989

    Angelo Ianuzzi has opened another restaurant in the Valley and this provokes a deep urge to exhume the past. Isn't this the guy who so... More >>

  • The Best of Booth Worlds

    published September 20, 1989

    Dammit, but after all these years Durant's is once again trendy! Talk to dinner-house owners these days and they will report that among... More >>

  • Pesto-Chango

    published September 6, 1989

    Riazzi's Italian Garden and Red Devil are practically the same restaurant, so I'm going to write about them that way. While naturally there are... More >>

  • Foods Rush In

    published June 7, 1989

    Amy Johnson, the general manager of the Tony Roma's restaurant in Scottsdale, reports that there are five major categories of customers who use... More >>

  • Order Patrol

    published June 7, 1989

    Delivery dining has its own code of ordering etiquette. Here are some of the experts' insights: If at all possible, anticipate your... More >>

  • Bright Lights, Baked Ziti

    published May 24, 1989

    If you're the sort of person who takes dining out seriously enough to read restaurant columns (and if you're not, what are you doing... More >>

  • When Cuisines Collide

    published May 10, 1989

    Most modern art is wholly unintelligible unless you are privy to the critical theory behind the work. So argues Tom Wolfe in a wry essay on... More >>

  • Meanwhile, Back At The Ranchero

    published May 3, 1989

    It's a Monday night and the parking lot is jammed. This would be a noteworthy sight anywhere, but here it's positively amazing. For this... More >>

  • Kitchen Kaboodle

    published April 26, 1989

    You know the part of you that never stops being seven years old? The part that can suck up spaghetti in lengths more appropriate to transatlantic... More >>

  • Ernest to Goodness

    published April 19, 1989

    It takes some time but, on the way back from the powder room, my guest finally notices it. On a little shelf behind the hostess stand is a single... More >>

  • Twelve O'Clock Highs

    published April 5, 1989

    In this age of too little time and too much take-out, the leisurely business lunch has become an endangered species. Once in a while,... More >>

  • Power Thai

    published March 29, 1989

    "Isn't the Thai trend over?" The question comes from a sincere associate, one who really enjoys a good culinary craze, and I... More >>

  • Power Thai

    published March 22, 1989

    The Phoenix area has a lot of Thai restaurants, at least two dozen. Isn't this just a little strange? After all, Thailand's not exactly... More >>

  • Bones of Contention

    published March 15, 1989

    H.I. Ribsters is an otherwise likable restaurant with a fatal flaw. It's a limited-menu barbecued rib and chicken emporium that serves... More >>

  • The Territory's Treasure

    published March 8, 1989

    I have no political authority to do this, but I am hereby nominating the Wigwam Resort's Arizona Kitchen to be our official state... More >>

  • Out to Brunch

    published February 22, 1989

    Dammit if they don't blow my reservation again. This makes The Phoenician zero-for-two in welcomes, and I really cannot believe the... More >>

Archives: 2008 | 1990 | 1989