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1990 Stories by Steven Weiss

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  • How To Stuff A Wild Wahine

    published February 14, 1990

    Kowabunga! (or Big 4 Goes to the Beach) must have been an awful lot of fun to dream up. Following on the heels of the group's other... More >>

  • In Charm's Way

    published January 17, 1990

    "Darling," whispers my companion. Alas, the endearment is intended not for me but for the restaurant in which we are dining,... More >>

  • Kvetcher in the Rye

    published January 10, 1990

    I'm with a friend in the new Hollywood Deli & Bar and our sandwich platters are brought to the table. As promised--both by the friend... More >>

  • Hula Oops

    published January 3, 1990

    Well-meaning people sometimes open rotten restaurants. Addressing here a specific instance of this phenomenon fills me with angst,... More >>

Archives: 2008 | 1990 | 1989