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2002 Stories by Susy Buchanan

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  • Herding People

    published December 12, 2002

    Joe Fendler can't believe what he's hearing. Sitting before him is a group of people he claims are planning to encourage public defecation,... More >>

  • Appetite For Destruction

    published November 28, 2002

    It's Saturday night. The air reeks of transmission fluid, scorched steel and horse manure. A man jumps up and down on the roof of his car like a... More >>

  • Piercing Remarks

    published October 31, 2002

    In Arizona, swine feeding, dead chicken handling, cheese making, emu slaughtering, minnow selling and manicuring are regulated industries with... More >>

  • A is for Artist (A is also for Arsonist)

    published October 17, 2002

    "I should be dead right now," says Jacob Martinez. It's near midnight on a Saturday in August. Martinez finds himself in familiar... More >>

  • Dead Men Talking

    published September 12, 2002

    Inmates on the Internet are a problem Gary Phelps would rather not have to deal with. The state Department of Corrections official was quite happy... More >>

  • Chimp on His Shoulder

    published August 29, 2002

    A glance at the online inventory of Peoria-based Wild Animal World reads like a passenger manifest for Noah's Ark. Claiming to be the largest... More >>

  • Evil Empire

    published July 18, 2002

    Ethan, Will and others who were there still talk about the scene that night. Two girls — a stripper and her friend — walked arm in arm... More >>

  • Sacred Orgasm

    published June 13, 2002

    Lucy didn't pay $1,200 and fly across the country just to watch naked strangers in cowboy hats probe their anuses. A widow and business owner... More >>

  • A Privates Matter

    published June 6, 2002

    Rebecca Kastl wraps her long fingers around a coffee mug and lifts a latte to her lips. The steaming brew fogs her glasses, for a moment obscuring... More >>

  • Ghosts of Mars

    published May 23, 2002

    Annie Lopez gives as good as she gets. Offend her and you'll likely find yourself starring in her artwork. An example at hand of her cathartic... More >>

  • Grudge Match

    published May 9, 2002

    Little Nasty Boy sits sullenly at home in Oregon on a weekday afternoon. He has just been informed, for the second time in two weeks, that a... More >>

  • Second Best

    published April 25, 2002

    Though it's proven in the past that adversity tends to strengthen its resolve, the Phoenix Heat Quadriplegic Rugby team ("Murderball," Susy... More >>

  • Cleaning House

    published April 4, 2002

    At first glance, the group assembled at the pizza joint in a Mesa strip mall seems as docile and diverse as a citizenship class. Clustered in... More >>

  • Murderball

    published February 28, 2002

    On a recent Saturday afternoon at the Arizona State University gym, Andy Cohn of the Phoenix Heat lowers his head like a charging ram and powers... More >>

  • Passing Notes

    published January 24, 2002

    Officials with the Littleton School District told Guadalupe Elizondo that they'd take care of things when a teacher admitted to writing a... More >>

  • A Path Divided

    published January 10, 2002

    The life of Balbir Singh Sodhi began in the Punjab Province of India in 1949. But the story of his death began on September 11, 2001, four days... More >>

  • Mixed Frequency

    published January 10, 2002

    "And now, a word from our sponsor: Haaaayyyyyaaaayiii!" Phoenix's newest DJ DC Thomas erupts into the mike with a barrage of high-pitched... More >>

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