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  • 21 years ago | News

    Info:Correction date: May 2, 1996 Miner Regulations Arizona copper kings are enthusiastic about a pending mine-reclamation law--because they wrote it By Terry Greene Before Arizona's 42nd Legislature shuts down this month, it is expected to quietl...

  • 21 years ago | Longform

    Al Yee had to make sure qi flowed smoothly before he signed the lease for the North Central Avenue headquarters of the Phoenix brokerage firm of Yee, Desmond, Schroeder and Allen. Much to the consternation of his non-Asian-American partners in tha...

  • 21 years ago | News

    Douglas Lemon--the Arizona State Retirement System's investment manager and a critic of policies he fears could jeopardize the $13 billion fund--has been placed on administrative leave pending his request for a "normal stress" workplace. Lemon, fo...

  • 21 years ago | Longform

    Jerry Wiley, outgoing town mayor and volunteer librarian, checks out books the old-fashioned way, by stamping dates onto inside covers. The library in Clarkdale, a north-central Arizona town of 2,500 cloistered at the base of Mingus Mountain, is a...

  • 22 years ago | News

    For at least a year, a freelance writer known as Sidney Phillips has been covering the Arizona State Legislature for Tucson Weekly. Sidney Phillips' stories, which sometimes share a byline with Tucson Weekly senior editor Jim Nintzel, frequently r...

  • 22 years ago | Longform

    In addition to performing its licensing functions, the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners is supposed to protect the public from "unlawful, incompetent, unqualified, impaired or unprofessional" physicians. Just how well is Bomex monitoring and dis...


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