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  • Molester Registry Pleases No One

    published December 20, 1989

    In Arizona, convicted child molesters are required by law to register with the local sheriff. The sheriffs then turn in the names to the Arizona... More >>

  • An Exam You Can't Cram For

    published December 6, 1989

    If you're planning on getting a federal loan to help you through college, you may have to submit to random drug testing. At least, that's... More >>

  • Kids Who Just Say, "Yo!"

    published December 6, 1989

    How can you tell if your nine-year-old is a pre-Crip? Elementary school kids are more likely to be flashing their colors a few years down... More >>

  • Making The Grade

    published November 29, 1989

    Emery Johnson sauntered into South Mountain High School this fall wearing his shades and his Attitude. He fit right in with all the... More >>

  • Departing Dyer

    published November 29, 1989

    Phoenix's embattled inner-city high schools faced their biggest crisis ever last summer, when a short, round, hyperactive Irishman named... More >>

  • Confronting The Church

    published November 29, 1989

    The scandal of pedophile Catholic priests in the Diocese of Phoenix has distressed Bishop Thomas O'Brien so much that he no longer will talk... More >>

  • Grandma With A Cause

    published November 8, 1989

    In these days of ravaged rain forests, a tattered ozone layer, nuclear weaponry and global overpopulation, the cause that Doris Daniel has... More >>

  • Non Exactly Brainy

    published November 1, 1989

    Michael Cooley's nightmares began some weeks before he finally allowed a Scottsdale neurosurgeon to operate on his brain. Cooley recalls waking up... More >>

  • Father John

    published October 25, 1989

    Lillian and Al Jones were always proud that their teen-age son, Fred, was such a good Catholic. "I never had to fight him to go to Mass," Lillian... More >>

  • Father Joe

    published October 25, 1989

    The road dips into rocky washes, winds through forests of saguaros and climbs up a windswept hill to a toppled wooden cross that marks the... More >>

  • Father Joe

    published October 25, 1989

    Joe Lessard was already in his thirties when he started training to become a priest in the Phoenix diocese. He already had a master's degree in... More >>

  • The Church's Secret Document On Pedophilia

    published October 25, 1989

    The crisis of pedophilia in the Roman Catholic priesthood exploded in 1985, when a pasty, bespectacled Louisiana priest named Gilbert... More >>

  • Let Up Prey

    published October 25, 1989

    In its answer to the lawsuit, the diocese admits that Father George molested the children but denies negligence. Father George,... More >>

  • Screening For Molesters

    published October 25, 1989

    Screening for pedophiles is nearly impossible because they often appear to be psychologically healthy people, experts say. As a result,... More >>

  • The City We Should Have

    published September 27, 1989

    Some people never abandon hope that Phoenix could truly be a wonderful city. Like us. We hang on, even faced with a Phoenix City Council... More >>

  • Make The Canals Something Special Again

    published September 27, 1989

    ®MDBO¯MAKE THE CANALS SOMETHING SPECIAL AGAIN Ask native Phoenicians over the age of thirty, and they'll tell you the canals were real... More >>

  • Three Easy Ways To Be Cool

    published September 27, 1989

    Okay, City Council, listen up. I've got this idea that's sure to keep you in office next election and the election after that. Just take a few... More >>

  • State Casts Shadow On Bright ASU Project

    published July 12, 1989

    Last winter, a handful of Arizona State University engineering undergrads and a couple of professors slaved for weeks on a proposal for... More >>

  • Urban Stress Kills Canyon's Cottonwoods

    published June 28, 1989

    Tens of thousands of raw-footed hikers who've trudged into the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch know what a relief it is to finally collapse in... More >>

  • And The Money Kepth Flowing

    published June 21, 1989

    People remember Harvey Keith Smith as a world-class gentleman. The grandfatherly, silver-haired real-estate developer always dressed elegantly,... More >>

  • Urban Stress Kills Canyon's Cottonwoods

    published June 14, 1989

    Tens of thousands of raw-footed hikers who've trudged into the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch know what a relief it is to finally... More >>

  • Caution:Dog Lover On Board

    published May 10, 1989

    About four times a year, Geri Owens rolls into Phoenix in a dusty gray van that's practically exploding with yapping puppies. The pups,... More >>

  • Is the Solar Oasis a Mirage?

    published April 19, 1989

    Unlike the crowds that amble through St. Peter's Square, few people ever venture to downtown Phoenix's grease-stained concrete... More >>

  • This Guy Has Seen It All

    published April 19, 1989

    The man who's seen more bunco, bamboozling and balderdash in the past two decades than any other person in Arizona is finally retiring. ... More >>

  • Fun and Games

    published April 5, 1989

    A handsome warrior with a perfectly dashing Schwarzenegger physique creeps into a dark tunnel, where he encounters a slithering reptile-man oozing... More >>

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