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  • 12 years ago | Local Wire

    If A Tribe Called Quest had jettisoned the bong-jazz flow and picked up where Afrika Bambaataa left off, the group would have created something like the simultaneously amped-up and chilled-out atmosphere of the debut by Baltimore duo Spank Rock. N...

  • 13 years ago | Local Wire

    You have to concede a certain amount of praise automatically for the massive imaginative output in Princess Superstar's My Machine, a dystopian sci-fi hip-hop concept album about a future celebrity who takes over the world with the help of a cloni...

  • 13 years ago | Local Wire

    For those who've longed for the poetic license of Morrissey crammed into the keyboard-tinted riffs of the Cars, leave it to the limeys to satisfy the demand. Maximo Park has already received panting pre-emptive praise, and A Certain Trigger actual...


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