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  • Rogue Wave

    published December 15, 2005

    If you're toiling in a 9-to-5 job, telling yourself that one of these days your musical genius will be discovered, lemme tell you about Zach... More >>

  • Dangerdoom

    published October 20, 2005

    Of late, hip-hop supergroups have fared better than their rock counterparts. C'mon -- Madvillain? Handsome Boy Modeling School? Incredible stuff,... More >>

  • Animal Collective

    published October 13, 2005

    Vaguely folky, kinda psychedelic, slightly jammy, and decidedly challenging, Animal Collective makes records that are impenetrable on first... More >>

  • Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age

    published September 15, 2005

    Oh, gracious. These days, hard rock is a most denigrated genre of music, is it not? With all those Mudvaynes and Slipknots besmirching the... More >>

  • John Mellencamp, and John Fogerty

    published September 1, 2005

    Beyond obvious nostalgia (and having the same first name), this pairing of classic rock veterans makes a certain amount of sense. Consider that... More >>

  • Idlewild

    published September 1, 2005

    These Scots seem destined to be the U.K.'s odd men out, a fate that's tragic but fitting. Unlike conquering heroes Coldplay, this quintet wears a... More >>

  • Coldplay

    published August 25, 2005

    You just can't hate Chris Martin. Oh, you can find him overrated and his tunes sappy, but aside from the occasional run-in with a photographer,... More >>

  • The White Stripes

    published August 18, 2005

    With most new bands trying to hit platinum their first time out, you rarely see acts develop over the course of several albums anymore -- either... More >>

  • Shelby Lynne

    published August 4, 2005

    The year was 2000. I Am Shelby Lynne, the singer-songwriter's declaration of independence after a career of genre-hopping and commercial... More >>

  • Fruit Bats

    published July 21, 2005

    Like the comforting inevitability of nature's cycles, Fruit Bats' Eric Johnson returns every two years with more woodsy acoustic numbers that... More >>

  • Engineers

    published June 23, 2005

    The cascading waves of sound that constitute the songs on Engineers' self-titled debut contain lyrics, but they're almost entirely beside the... More >>

  • The Mountain Goats

    published June 23, 2005

    Lots of indie bands get press from 'zines and alternative rags, but when you get some love from the New Yorker, then you've got that... More >>

  • Coldplay

    published June 2, 2005

    In the past, U2 and Radiohead's declarative anthems had been the most obvious benchmarks for Coldplay's grand make-out music, but with X&Y,... More >>

  • Sleater-Kinney

    published May 19, 2005

    On its seventh record, the Portland trio Sleater-Kinney finds itself in the same predicament as its heroes Sonic Youth and tour mates Pearl Jam:... More >>

  • Maroon 5

    published May 5, 2005

    When Adam Levine and his equally apologetic bandmates in Maroon 5 won Best New Artist at the Grammys in February, perhaps they sensed the... More >>

  • Keane

    published April 28, 2005

    Around your bros, it's impossible not to sneer at the mawkish sentimentality of Hopes and Fears, the debut from Brit trio Keane. But get... More >>

  • Thievery Corporation

    published March 17, 2005

    With its previous albums, Thievery Corporation's adoration for the cocktail lounge could wear thin. But The Cosmic Game embraces a broader... More >>

  • Ambulance Ltd.

    published March 17, 2005

    Sometimes, the early band on the bill is the one worth your dollars. Last year, when that glorified '80s tribute band The Killers rode the success... More >>

  • Kasabian

    published March 10, 2005

    Kasabian is scheduled to perform with The Music, and Morningwood, on Tuesday, March 15, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. More >>

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