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1989 Stories by Tom Fitzpatrick

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  • Keating and Bartel: High Rollers Face The Music

    published June 21, 1989

    We live in interesting times. The high rollers fascinate us. Whether it's in business, crime, politics or sports, we become interested in the... More >>

  • The Callous Battle Over Park Plaza

    published June 21, 1989

    He has watched the battle of Park Plaza apartments from the start. He has kept track of everything. He has it all written down. ... More >>

  • Dave Foreman: "We Weren't Interested In Creating Outdoor Gymnasiums For Suburban Yuppies"

    published June 14, 1989

    Dave Foreman took a short sip from a bottle of Pacifico. He wore walking shorts. Foreman stands better than six feet, much taller than he... More >>

  • The Earth First!

    published June 7, 1989

    All four prisoners shuffled into the courtroom as though headed for the scaffold. They were handcuffed. They wore the baggy blue jail... More >>

  • Steve Benson's Premature Deification

    published May 24, 1989

    I'm puzzled by this latest turn in Steve Benson's career. Generally, I enjoy the images Benson draws for the Arizona Republic.... More >>

  • How I Make A Living

    published May 10, 1989

    Here are some notes on the reporter's trade from a few of the best. I.F. Stone speaking in Andrew Patner's I.F. Stone: A... More >>

  • Let Oliver North Go To Jail

    published May 10, 1989

    Of course Ollie North should go to prison. The jury has rightfully rejected North's distorted notion that a decorated military man... More >>

  • Those Poor Driggs Boys

    published May 10, 1989

    Poor Gary Driggs, everyone keeps saying. Such a shame. Gary and his two brothers--John and Douglas--have been booted out of... More >>

  • What Must Steiger Think?

    published May 10, 1989

    Maybe Sam Steiger can appreciate the humor in the current mess at the state parole board. Governor Rose Mofford has fired board... More >>

  • The Less Than Grand Prix

    published May 10, 1989

    Why is Mayor Terry Goddard getting away with this ridiculous car race? Did anyone ask you about spending millions in taxpayers'... More >>

  • The Victim in Central Park

    published May 3, 1989

    The gang rape in Central Park is one of those unspeakably vicious crimes that traumatizes the entire country. The other... More >>

  • The Suns Are Not A Lock

    published May 3, 1989

    Despite excessive cheerleading from the Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Suns are not a lock to win the National Basketball Association... More >>

  • And Morton Downey Is Not Locked Up

    published May 3, 1989

    Morton Downey Jr. is at the vital center of a fascinating urban mystery. Downey claims he was attacked by skinheads in the men's... More >>

  • At War With The IRS

    published May 3, 1989

    First of all, you must be lucky. I can never really understand what's happening in a trial merely by reading newspaper... More >>

  • Oliver North, American Celebrity

    published May 3, 1989

    One of these days Oliver North is probably going to be found guilty by that Washington jury. Once the verdict condemning the... More >>

  • Margo Adams: The Honey on the Side

    published April 26, 1989

    Margo Adams walks into the room. Suddenly, everybody starts acting like a man of the world. By now, you know Margo, I'm sure.... More >>

  • Racism Provokes Demonstrations at ASU

    published April 26, 1989

    It was like a trip in a time tunnel. I stood near the fountain at Arizona State last Friday as students demonstrated against racism... More >>

  • Neighbors Who Make You Want To Scream

    published April 19, 1989

    Bonnie Towles stands on her porch. Every day she can see the homeless coming down her street. "They lock those people out of the... More >>

  • A Bomb Chucker's Life

    published April 19, 1989

    I had Abbie Hoffman all wrong, at first. I met him back in August 1968, when Abbie was drilling protesters in Lincoln Park. It... More >>

  • Phoenix Says Goodbye to Kareem--Twice

    published April 5, 1989

    They will sentence Kareem Abdul-Jabbar within the hour. The courtroom is in the old Phoenix Union High School. "Where... More >>

  • A Letter from a Juror in the Mix Trial

    published March 29, 1989

    Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick: I really resent being called stupid and insensitive for my service as a juror on the Martin Mix case. I would like... More >>

  • He Is Risen; They Are Not

    published March 29, 1989

    Easter Sunday morning. Slowly, you walk into the alley south of Madison Street. It's still partially dark. It's 6:35 a.m. A... More >>

  • Two Of My Favorite Mouthpieces

    published March 22, 1989

    Flamboyant defense lawyers have always fascinated me. The first one I ever met was Ernie Navarre. I met him long ago in Lima, Ohio.... More >>

  • The Mix Rape Trial: Justice Screwed

    published March 22, 1989

    Editor's Note: This story was changed from its original version to eliminate the name of the victim. Well, the law has been... More >>

  • Blabber Mouths and Radio Egos

    published March 15, 1989

    I used to relax by listening to the radio talk shows. That was before they started taking themselves seriously. I'm still an... More >>

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