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1989 Stories by Tom Fitzpatrick

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  • Umpires: The Old Men of Spring

    published March 15, 1989

    It's more than an hour before the Cubs' exhibition game gets underway. The seats behind home plate are already filled. Al Barlik, with... More >>

  • Ted Williams Warms Up for the Yankees

    published March 8, 1989

    Wherever you go during spring training they talk about the great Ted Williams. In my dream, I was still in high school. Our... More >>

  • The Incomparable Jimmy Piersall

    published March 8, 1989

    The young television producer was hesitant. He stood on the top step of the dugout. He looked down to where Jimmy Piersall was sitting. ... More >>

  • If You Asked, I Would Have Told You

    published March 8, 1989

    If you asked I would have told you: The University of Arizona may rank No. 1, but I don't see them making the Final Four. Putting... More >>

  • Salman Rushdie Chic

    published March 1, 1989

    An interviewer once asked Vladimir Nabokov: "What are the literary sins for which you could be answerable someday?" And Nabokov... More >>

  • The Amphitheatre and Richard Mallery

    published March 1, 1989

    Richard Mallery is so smooth. He has the velvet touch. In a real estate deal, there's no one who can touch him. Mallery is the... More >>

  • Presenting the Next (Oh, My God) Governor of Arizona

    published February 22, 1989

    One of the following charlatans will be the next governor of Arizona: David Hinchcliffe: He's the double-domed thinker who introduced the... More >>

  • MacDonald: This Shakedown Artist Didn't See the Real Profits

    published February 15, 1989

    Some thoughts about the Peter MacDonald hearings: I pick up my Arizona Republic each morning in the dark. I walk with it to the... More >>

  • Four Easy Pieces

    published February 15, 1989

    I'm not a Lute Olson fan. To me, any Sunday his University of Arizona team loses a basketball game on national TV is a fine one. I've... More >>

  • Another Loss for Pitiful ASU

    published February 8, 1989

    I felt sorry for Steve Patterson the other day when they ordered him to announce his resignation. The Arizona State basketball coach was... More >>

  • The ValTrans' for Who?

    published February 8, 1989

    I received a letter from a man who doesn't trust the people who are running the campaign to push the approval of rapid transit in... More >>

  • Colangelo's Idea of Fair Play

    published February 8, 1989

    I arrived half an hour early. I wanted to watch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in warm-up. It was to be one of Kareem's final appearances as a... More >>

  • Morris Starsky's Proud Exit

    published February 1, 1989

    Things keep happening to remind us why both Arizona State University and the Arizona Republic are so decidedly second-rate. ... More >>

  • The Return of Big Al and the Knicks

    published February 1, 1989

    It's just like the old days. There's a full house here in Veterans' Memorial Coliseum and the crowd's roaring. Surely you... More >>

  • Jack Durant's Humble Will and Testament

    published January 25, 1989

    The Jack Durant legend lives on. When he died little more than a year ago, Durant had lived more than eighty years and had run the... More >>

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