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  • Chit Happens

    published April 3, 1997

    The parking lot at KNXV-TV Channel 15 contains a vestige of the station's earlier, quirkier incarnation. The rusting "Al's World" convertible,... More >>

  • Feds Sue Arizona

    published March 13, 1997

    Janet Reno, U.S. attorney general, made good on a threat by filing a civil rights lawsuit against the State of Arizona on Monday. The... More >>

  • Feds Slam Sexual Misconduct

    published March 6, 1997

    Federal investigators say they have found an "unconstitutional pattern or practice of sexual misconduct" in Arizona women's prisons, and the U.S.... More >>

  • Mr. Lopez Goes to Scottsdale

    published February 27, 1997

    The Lopezes are like a lot of South Phoenix families. They work hard, obey the law and pay taxes like their neighbors. But for years they've been... More >>

  • Jailers Show a Paraplegic Who's Boss

    published January 23, 1997

    Richard Post spent only a few hours in Madison Street Jail, but in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's penal colony, no stay is too short to avoid abuse. ... More >>

  • Jail Suits Could Cost County Taxpayers Tens of Millions

    published January 23, 1997

    A financial time bomb sits ticking in a Maricopa County file drawer. Among thousands of mundane tax cases and routine lawsuits by county vendors,... More >>

  • Sticking By His Guns

    published January 2, 1997

    Chuck Knight listened to his fellow Viper Militia defendants as they took turns discussing a plea agreement offered by government prosecutors. The... More >>

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Archives: 2003 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995