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  • 25 years ago | News

    On the heels of Hurricane Andrew, the battered people of south Florida were blasted by a rude mixture of hot air and coldness from Phoenix. Call it Hurricane Lessner--named after the deputy editor of the editorial pages of the Arizona Republic. A ...

  • 25 years ago | News

    You subscribe to a newspaper, but it never arrives. You're upset and want your money back, right? Likely not, if you happen to be one of the "charter subscribers" to Evan Mecham's would-be newspaper, Arizona News Day. Originally slated to go to pr...

  • 25 years ago | Longform

    "Hellooooo, Mesa!" That was geriatric superstar Pat Boone's greeting last month during a benefit fund raiser for his pal Doug Wead, who's running for Congress from Arizona's new District 6. Boone then conducted a search in the audience of 800 for ...

  • 25 years ago | Longform

    In Doug Wead's dining room, there's a photograph of George Bush cradling Wead's son Joshua. On August 24, there was a Bush son in Doug Wead's living room. Neil Bush, the son who has had to pay $50,000 for his part in the collapse of the Silverado ...

  • 26 years ago | News

    In a series of incidents that strikes some of its victims as both funny and frightening, a man is stealing boots from Phoenix construction workers and then writing them detailed letters describing his sexual acts with their footwear. The one brigh...

  • 26 years ago | Longform

    ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY with your current politicians? Perhaps Doug Wead can inspire you. Arizona's newest big-time politician, Wead often tries to display a disarming sense of humor. He doesn't jab you in the ribs; he's kinder and gentler. At his Ma...


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