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  • Get Supper and a Song on New Year's Eve

    published Dec 31, 2009

    Yesterday we brought you a list of last-minute New Year's Eve dining ideas for procrastinators. Have you booked your dining plans yet? If not, locally-owned Italian restaurant Andiamo Italian Bistro&n... More >>

  • Battle of the Curries

    published Dec 31, 2009

    There's no absolute definition for curry, but suffice it to say it's Pan-Asian/Indian comfort food. Roughly translated as "gravy" or "sauce," traditional curry dishes from Thailand to India have found... More >>

  • Top 5 Geeky Fashion Trends of the Decade

    published Dec 30, 2009

    Pocket protectors. Highwater jeans pulled up to the neck. T-shirts with slogans like, "Ethernet (n), something used to catch the etherbunny" and "Got D20?". Geeks aren't exactly known f... More >>

  • Your Meal Ticket to Wining and Dining

    published Dec 29, 2009

    ​Looking for a healthy breakfast on the go? In this week's Meal Ticket dining newsletter, we've got the scoop on a recently reopened restaurant that's dishing up coffee, TV dinners and breakfas... More >>

  • Community Collage

    published December 31, 2009

    Photography has come a long way in the past twenty years. Film is practically obsolete, teens have better cameras than their parents, and,... More >>

  • Hearty Arty

    published December 31, 2009

    We’ve seen some bizarre things on First Friday in Phoenix – fire-eaters, people dressed as Ghostbusters, some crazy half-naked chick... More >>

  • Coffee Talk: Starbucks Author Bryant Simon at Changing Hands

    published Dec 28, 2009

    ​Ever wonder how big name coffee companies convinced the general public to shell out five bucks for a cuppa joe? Author and Temple University Director of American Studies Bryant Simon thinks ... More >>

  • 12 Foods For Xmas I Wish My True Love Gave to Me (Finale!)

    published Dec 25, 2009

    To get you in the holiday spirit, we created a holiday song based around local foods we'd love to get for Christmas -- sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Could be ... More >>

  • Battle of the Pecan Pie

    published Dec 23, 2009

    In honor of the season, we figured this week's Battle of the Dishes should spotlight a treat we find on our own holiday dinner table every year. Pecan pie is a guilty pleasure -- thick, rich and choc... More >>

  • Sweet Republic Headed to TLC

    Sweet Republic Headed to TLC

    published Dec 23, 2009

    ​It's no secret that we adore Sweet Republic's artisan ice cream. Their delicious desserts were picked up by Whole Foods. The shop made it onto Bon Appetit's list ... More >>

  • Closed for Business: 98 South Wine Bar & Kitchen

    published Dec 22, 2009

    ​Sometimes a particular restaurant location just seems cursed. Such is the case with 98 South Wine Bar & Kitchen, the Chandler bistro which was originally opened by restauranteur Ron Wojcic... More >>

  • Resin for Living

    published December 24, 2009

    Phoenix artist Mayme Kratz literally finds her inspiration in nature. Kratz encases found objects such as butterfly wings and cactus seeds in... More >>

  • Flight Booking

    published December 24, 2009

    The life of a book is predestined to end badly. It will get printed, en masse, shipped to a bookstore, and bought; after which it’ll be... More >>

  • Jell-O Showdown: Berry Good Holiday Pie

    published Dec 21, 2009

    Not satisfied with competing in the art of making stuffing, the Chow Bella staff is at it again. This showdown is all about Jell-O. So far we've brought you Sparkling Grapefruit Pie. Today we're bring... More >>

  • Food Network Star Guy Fieri Heats up Mesa Arts Center

    published Dec 21, 2009

    This past Friday evening, hundreds of Food Network fans crammed into the Mesa Arts Center for an evening of fast paced, rockin' fun at the Guy Fieri Road Show. This was the show's second to ... More >>

  • A First Look at Chef Beau MacMillan's New Kitchen

    A First Look at Chef Beau MacMillan's New Kitchen

    published Dec 21, 2009

    Most locals know Chef Beau MacMillan as the guy who bested Iron Chef Bobby Flay. MacMillan's headed back to Food Network in January for a new show called The Worst Cooks in America, where he... More >>

  • The 12 Foods for Xmas I Wish My True Love Gave to Me (Part Deux)

    published Dec 18, 2009

    To get you in the holiday spirit, we created a holiday tune based around local foods we'd love to get for Christmas -- sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Could be some ... More >>

  • The Top 5 Food-Related Meetups in Phoenix

    published Dec 17, 2009

    Meetup is like the adult version of afterschool activities: You find a group you like, sign up to join and then spend your afterhours getting together and doing something related to whatever activity/... More >>

  • Your Meal Ticket to Carefree Dining

    published Dec 16, 2009

    ​Looking for a quiet dinner spot that's a little off the beaten path? In this week's Meal Ticket, we've got the scoop on a newly revamped restaurant in Carefree that's dishing up Mexican s... More >>

  • Battle of the Footlongs

    Battle of the Footlongs

    published Dec 16, 2009

    In New York City and Chicago, there are hot dog carts on every corner. Philly is home to the Pastrami Dog. Nathan's boasts the famed footlong frank. Hot dogs are everywhere on the East Coast... More >>

  • Winter Horrorland Fashion Show Pimps Pasties, Leather Bras for Xmas

    Winter Horrorland Fashion Show Pimps Pasties, Leather Bras for Xmas

    published Dec 16, 2009

    When we picked up a flier for the "Midnight in a Winter Horrorland" fashion show at First Friday, we figured we'd go and possibly get a little last-minute holiday shopping in for those hard to buy for... More >>

  • Village Vanguard

    published December 17, 2009

    Many husbands and wives dream of working together – that is, until they realize they’ll be with their spouse every second of every... More >>

  • Mod Mix

    published December 17, 2009

    ‘Tis the season for eggnog, caroling, and spending time with family. Of course, if you’re one of the zillion Americans working... More >>

  • A Book on Overeating, Just in Time for the Holidays!

    published Dec 15, 2009

    ​Foodies, rejoice! There's another book about food that has nothing to do with dieting or food deprivation (no offense, Skinny Bitch). Clinical psychologist and author Leslie Landis would rath... More >>

  • Phoenix Tequila Festival Goes Down Smoothly

    Phoenix Tequila Festival Goes Down Smoothly

    published Dec 14, 2009

    This past Saturday and Sunday, tequila lovers from across the Valley descended on US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix for a day of drinking, dining and debauchery. Actually, there wasn't much d... More >>

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